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More Family-friendly Experience..

Museum has the potential to be a very challenging, strategic game. However, if you happen to be playing for the first time, are in the company of inexperienced players, or if you just want to keep things simple, here are a few things you can do to tone down the complexity of the game:

  • You can play without the Expert cards, which will give you one less thing to think about! All you have to do is not put the Experts board in place and remove the "Good Hiring" Favour Cards, and the "Mysterious Death" and "A School at the Museum" Headline cards.

  • Shuffle fewer Public Opinion cards into the Continent decks, or remove them entirely from the game.

  • You can avoid having to deal with changing game conditions by playing without Headline cards.

  • You can also choose to play without the Patron cards, or choose the simplest challenges, such as multiple Collections (see the Appendix for more details).

More Challenging

  • Add all of the Public Opinion cards to the Continent decks! This will force you to be much more careful with the cards you discard if you don't want to lose a lot of points at the end of the game!

  • Try the most difficult Patron cards. Patrons cards that require you to make very large Collections of a single Civilisation are among the most difficult.

  • Try to fill your Grand Gallery and/or your entire Museum!

  • Try the most difficult alternative Museum layouts.

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