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Rating: 7.6 Very Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 60-107 minutes

Official Site: The Official Museum page

Created by: Eric Dubus, Olivier Melison, Vincent Dutrait

Published by: Holy Grail Games, Luma Games


It's the turn of the 20th century, the golden age of museums. As interest in and accessibility of museums grew exponentially, many institutions underwent an intense period of expansion on both an intellectual and physical level, searching to grow their collections for profit and science.

You play as a curator of one such museum and it's your job to build the biggest, most coherent collection that you can in this game of collection and bartering featuring over 300 individual illustrations by Vincent Dutrait and authentic architectural facts. But it's no simple task!

Each player in Museum has a small collection of relics to get them started, after which, they will have to send explorers around the world to uncover others. These relics each have a value which is either the cost to add them to your museum, or how much they contribute towards adding other relics to your museum.

"Spent" Relics are added to your reserve. You can withdraw them from it by exchanging them for an equal amount of items however your opponents also has access to your reserve!

During the game you will be required to assemble different collections. These can be from different categories (war, agriculture, architecture, etc) or periods (Ancient Egypt, Rome, Aztec, etc).

Patron cards will give you bonus cards for amassing certain collections. Explorer cards will allow you to hire famous archeologists to confer bonuses to your museum and event cards will provide you with some game changing circumstances that you'll have to work around, based on historical events!

All these different elements make compiling your collection an interesting and sometimes tricky experience!

At the end of the game points are scored based on collections and their value and the player with the most points wins!

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MUSEUM is set during the early XXth century - the golden age of the Museum - when the exploration of far-away lands and the subsequent repatriation of historical relics had become commonplace.

Public demand for displays of exotic artefacts is at fever pitch as patrons flock to see the forgotten wonders of the world! In this time of discovery, you'll be playing as the curator of one of the world's great Museums, tasked with putting together a Collection of artifacts the likes of which history has never seen! …

Favour Cards

  • Press Conference: Gain 1 Prestige Point for each Public Opinion token on the board. At the end of the game, choose one Continent. You may ignore any Public Opinion tokens on that Continent during Final Scoring. This will only affect your Museum.

  • Express Delivery: Allows you to place an Object card (worth 1 to 4) from your Personal Reserve (your hand) into your Museum without paying its cost.

  • New Archaeologycal Team: To be played at the beginning of your Exploration Phase. Take the 2 currently available Object cards from the Continent space of your choice, and put them at the bottom of the deck. …

More Family-friendly Experience..

Museum has the potential to be a very challenging, strategic game. However, if you happen to be playing for the first time, are in the company of inexperienced players, or if you just want to keep things simple, here are a few things you can do to tone down the complexity of the game:

  • You can play without the Expert cards, which will give you one less thing to think about! All you have to do is not put the Experts board in place and remove the "Good Hiring" Favour Cards, and the "Mysterious Death" and "A School at the Museum" Headline cards. …

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