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For Experienced Monster Catchers

Experienced monster catchers (skilled players, older siblings, or adults who play against children) can increase the challenge by using the 6 location cards.

Play as described previously, but with the following changes:

  • The location cards are shuffled and placed in a stack face down next to the box.

  • The team whose turn it is must draw a location card each time they draw a monster card and place it face up next to the pile of location cards.

  • The location card shows where on the game board the monster must go to before being pushed into the monster trap; otherwise the monster will get upset. For example, the monster may need to go to the bathroom, pet the cat, or grab something to eat from the refrigerator.

  • The other player will check whether the sacked monster is pushed over the correct location on the game board.

  • When the hourglass has run out, the location cards are shuffled again and placed into a face down pile.

For Younger Children

If you want, you can also play in two fixed teams. For example, the red and yellow players can play against the purple and orange players.

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