Rating: 7.2 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 10-23 minutes

Created by: Ken Gruhl, Quentin Weir, Linda DeSantis, Ben Goldman

Published by: dV Giochi, North Star Games, Reflexshop

Alternate Names: Fánkfaló fenevadak


Monster Match is unique among speed games for one simple reason: more than 1 person can get a match every round. This sounds minor but it makes a huge difference in game play.

There is usually a dominant player in any given speed game which makes the game frustrating for the other players who have a hard time getting points.

In Monster Match, it is possible for every player to score in a round. This makes the game more fun for a greater number of players and it adds a layer of strategy to the game as players decide whether to grab the first match they see or search longer for a match that might be worth more points.

Another unique element in Monster Match is that the number of cards on the table changes every round. This creates a dynamic landscape which directly affects your strategic decisions each round between grabbing quickly or taking more time to find a high point card.

The end result is a game that is more fun and engaging than other alternatives on the market.

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