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Welcome to Sprinkleton, donut capital of the world. We have a problem: our town is overrun with hungry monsters who are stealing our donuts!

Help us catch these bumbling bakery bandits so we can get them out of here!


  • 55 Monster Cards
  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Zilch Token

Object of the Game

Collect Monster Cards to earn the most points.


  • Place the Zilch Token in the center of the table.

  • Shuffle the deck of Monster Cards and place 10 cards face-up, randomly around the Zilch Token.

  • Place the remaining deck of Monster Cards face-down on the table.

  • Give the dice to the person who has eaten a donut most recently. This person is the Baker (dice roller for the round).

Game Play

  1. Roll The dice
  2. Pick matching monster(s)
  3. No Matches? Pick the Zilch Token and add 10 new cards.
  4. Incorrect Picks
  5. Score and pass the dice

I. Roll the Dice

The Baker rolls the dice. All players (including the Baker) immediately search for any monster that matches what is shown on the dice.

For example:

"0 Legs" - Find a monster with no legs

"3 Arms" - Find a monster with three arms

"4 Eyes" - Find a monster with four eyes

II. Pick Matching Monster(s)

When you find a monster that matches what is shown on the dice, place your finger on that Monster Card!

You can only pick one Monster Card per round. Once you touch a Monster Card, you cannot switch to another Monster Card.

Other players who have not made a match may continue searching.

III. No Matches

After the dice roll, if there are no Monster Cards on the table that match the dice, be the first player to pick the Zilch Token. You cannot pick the Zilch Token if any player makes a correct match after the dice roll.

If you correctly pick the Zilch Token, take the top card from the Monster Card deck and add it to your Score Pile. You may look at it and celebrate!

Leave the remaining Monster Cards on the table and add 10 new monsters from the Monster Card deck. Start the next round by passing the dice to the left so the new Baker can roll the dice.

IV. Incorrect Picks

There are two ways of making a mistake:

  • You mistakenly pick a Monster Card that does not match the dice.

  • You incorrectly pick the Zilch Token.

In either case, you do not get to collect a Monster Card. Instead, you must take the top card from your Score Pile (if you have one) and place it back in play on the table.

V. Score and Pass the Dice

The round ends once every player has picked a Monster Card or there are no more matches left.

If you correctly picked a Monster Card this round, take it and place it face-down in front of you.

This is your Score Pile. The donuts on each Monster Card are points scored at the end of the game!

Leave the remaining Monster Cards on the table. Do not deal out new cards. Pass the dice to the left to start the next round.

End of the Game

When the Monster Card deck runs out, the game ends immediately. Do not continue playing with the remaining cards on the table. Instead, start adding up your scores.

To score, add up the donuts from all the Monster Cards in your Score Pile. Each card will have 1-3 donuts.

The player with the most donuts wins! If there is a tie, the player with the most cards wins. If there is still a tie, buy some donuts and play again!

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