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Mint Works can also be played solitaire. The game includes four different AI opponents to play against.

When everything is set up, the play area should look something like the diagram above.


One (1) of the four 4 AIs is selected as your opponent.

The four (4) Core Locations and two (2) Deed Locations are placed in a line on the table, 'one player' or 'closed' sides showing. Line them up in the following order: Producer, Wholesaler, Builder, Supplier, Leadership Council, Lotto.

Optional: One 1 Advanced Location is selected at random and placed after the Lotto

All Plans are shuffled and stacked face down near the Locations forming the Plan Deck.

Two (2) Plans are drawn from and placed face up next to the Plan Deck forming the Plan Supply.

The Mint Tokens are placed near the Plan Supply forming the Mint Supply.

are taken from the Mint Supply and added to your Neighborhood.

equal to your opponent's Starting Mint Token Share are taken from the Mint Supply and placed into their Neighborhood. 11

AI Card

Specific Rules

The standard rules apply to the solitaire mode of Mint Works. There are, however, a few exceptions:

When a Plan is taken from the Supplier and not replaced by another effect, immediately replace it with one (1) from the Plan Deck.

When the AI performs the Place action, it will always place in the first available Mint Placement Space in the Location line that it can use, starting with the Producer.

If the AI is unable to use any Location, it chooses the Pass action.

When performing the Place action for the AI, place the required amount of from the AI's Mints on the corresponding Mint Placement Space.

During the Upkeep phase, if there are no on the Supplier before returning all to the Mint Supply, put the two (2) Plans in the Plan Supply at the bottom of the Plan Deck, and replace them with two (2) new Plans from the Plan Deck.

The AI will always build the oldest Plan in its Neighborhood first.

The AI will buy Plans based on their Supplier Priority, checking first for the Cost of available Plans.

If there is a tie for Cost, it then checks the Type of Plan. If there is still a tie, it will buy the Plan closest to the Plan Deck. Only Plans the AI can currently afford are taken into consideration.

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