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Mint Works is a refreshingly light worker placement game for 1 to 4 players - easy to learn, with enough depth to keep you coming back. Players take the role of neighborhood planners working to develop the finest neighborhood in the city of Mintopia.


  • Starting Player Token
  • 10 Location Cards
  • 21 Plan Cards
  • 2 AI Cards
  • 30 Mint Tokens
  • Rulebook




The four (4) Core Locations are placed on the table granting easy access to all players, showing the side corresponding to the number of players.

The two (2) Deed Locations are placed next to the Core Locations, showing their 'closed' side.

Optional: Two (2) Advanced Locations are selected at random and placed next to the Core Locations.

All Plans are shuffled and stacked face down near the Locations forming the Plan Deck.

Three (3) Plans are drawn from and placed face up next to the Plan Deck forming the Plan Supply.

The Mint Tokens are placed near the Plan Supply forming the Mint Supply. Each player takes from the Mint Supply.

The Starting Player Token goes to the player with the freshest breath.

When everything is set up, the play area should look something like the diagram above.

Note: The Mint Supply is not limited. If you run out of Mint Tokens, try taking a few from the Supplier without emptying any spaces.



A player's Neighborhood is the area in front of that player. All of the Mint Tokens, Plans and Buildings they own and have control over are considered to be in their Neighborhood.


Cards in the Plan Deck, Plan Supply and face down in players' Neighborhoods. When a plan is built, it becomes a Builiding.


Face up Plan cards in players' Neighborhoods.


When a player gains something, they take it from the respective supply and place it into their Neighborhood.


When a Plan is lost, it is put face down at the bottom of the Plan Deck. Any lost are returned to the Mint Supply.

Game Play

Each round consists of the Development phase followed by the Upkeep phase.


The player currently holding the Starting Player Token takes the first turn.

A player has two options on their turn. They may choose either the Place or Pass action. After completing one of these actions, the turn is passed clockwise to the next player.

The Development phase repeats until all players consecutively pass, ending the phase. Then proceed to the Upkeep phase.


The player chooses an unoccupied Mint Placement Space and places the required amount of on it, granting them the Location's effect.


The player's turn is over. On their next turn they will have the chance to choose Place or Pass again.


  • If any player has seven or more Buildings in their Neighborhood, the game ends and Scoring takes place.

  • Refill the Plan Supply to three face up cards from the Plan Deck. If it is not possible to completely fill the Plan Supply, the game ends and Scoring takes place.

  • Resolve all "Upkeep" effects on Buildings.

  • If there are any on Deed Locations, the Owners of those Locations gain the indicated amount of from the Mint Supply.

  • Return all on Locations to the Mint Supply.

  • Each player gains .

  • Proceed to the next Development phase.

End of the Game

Count the total number of each player earns from Buildings in their Neighborhood.

The player with the most has the finest Neighborhood and wins!

If two or more players are tied for first place, the tied player with the smallest Neighborhood (i.e. fewest total Buildings and Plans) wins.

If there is still a tie, the tied player with the most wins.

Still tied? Then the tied player whose age is closest to 42 wins!

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