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After having played several games, or even during your first game(s) if you are an expert, you can use the following variant when playing with 2 or 3 players. In this variant, each player will build two different anthills.


Setup is the same with the following exceptions:

  1. Each player takes two Foundation tiles.

  2. Each player places 5 Soldiers on each of his Foundation tiles.

  3. The 1st player (determined in any way you choose) places the Red army token in front of one of his anthills and becomes the Military leader.

Game Play

The gameplay is the same with the following exceptions


In this expert mode, players play two rounds, after which the line is automatically refilled with new Anthill tiles from the draw pile.

Choose a new Anthill Tile

Soldiers that are spent when a player wants to take an Anthill tile further in the line must come from the army of the anthill in which this new tile will be placed.

Expand the Anthill

Players do not have to build each anthill at the same rate. It is quite possible to consecutively place multiple Anthill tiles in the same anthill. On the other hand, this means that once one of the two anthills is completed, you can only expand the remaining one.

Note: When a player plays a specialist, any Soldiers gained or moved must be in the anthill where the specialist is placed.

If the specialist is Recruiting sergeant, this sergeant affects the anthill that possesses the Red Army token, even if it belongs to the same player.

Refill the line and determine the new military leader

When players have played two rounds, follow these steps to refill the line:

  • Slide the remaining tiles towards the beginning of the line and draw new tiles until there are 7 tiles in the line.

  • Determine the new Military leader: the Red Army token must be placed in front of the anthill that has the most Soldiers in its army, even if the new anthill belongs to the same player.

    In the event of a tie between the Military leader's anthill(s) and one or more anthills belonging to an opponent, the current Military leader must give the Red Army token to that opponent.

End of the Game

Victory points for each anthill are counted separately.

Each player sums the victory points of his two anthills and the player with the highest total wins! In case of a tie, the player with the largest army wins the game.

In case of a second tie, players share the victory.

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