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The play of the Expert game is similar to the Family version. However, the players must take into account additional objectives that yield points at the end of the game.

The highest building: in this version, the height of the buildings becomes important. Each player has 5 small buildings (1 to 5), 4 medium buildings (6 to 9) and 4 tall buildings (10 to 13).

At the end of the game, the highest building tokens are taken by the players who have built the highest building in each district.

Objectives: in this version, each player takes two secret objectives: neighborhood and area. These area objectives are different than those of the Family version.

The objectives of the Expert version require the construction of several buildings. These goals are detailed in the "Secret objectives" player aid.


The preparation is identical to the one in the Family version, except the players do not deal the 4 area cards of the Family version.

Instead, shuffle the 5 area cards of the Expert version. Each player takes a card, looks at it in secret, and places it face down in his play area. Discard the remaining area card without looking at it. Go through the same process with the neighborhood cards.

End of the Game

The game ends as soon as any player has built his last building. Then the players reveal their secret cards and count their points:

  • In each district, the player who has constructed the highest building (in terms of height, not value) takes a highest building token which is worth 5 prestige points. In case of tie, the size of their second highest buildings (or, if necessary, of their third highest buildings, and so on) decides between the tied players. If the tie cannot be settled, each of the tied players takes a 5 point highest building token.

    Example: here, Blue, having built the highest building, gets the token.

    Example: here, Red gets the token. Blue and Red both have 2 tall buildings, but Red has 1 more building.

  • For each trendy neighborhood token a player owns, he earns 3 prestige points,

  • For each subway token a player owns, he earns 1 prestige point,

  • The owner of the subway card earns 3 prestige points,

  • For each archaeological site token a player owns, he loses 1 prestige point,

  • The owner of the archaeological site card loses 2 prestige points,

  • For each building a player has constructed in the type of neighborhood indicated on his neighborhood card, he earns 2 prestige points.

  • For each group of buildings satisfying the requirements of the player's area card, the player earns the number of points indicated on the card. NB: each building may only be used once to earn an area objective. However, one building may be used to earn both an area objective and a neighborhood objective.

The player with the most prestige points wins the game. In case of tie, the tied player who has constructed the most buildings wins. In case of a new tie, the tied players share the victory.

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