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Advanced Cards

You can include advanced cards in your game to add more variety to Mesozooic. Advanced cards add new challenges, so do not include them until all players are comfortable with the standard game.

Advanced Setup

To set up a game with advanced cards, do not shuffle in the neutral cards when creating the deck. Instead, shuffle in a number of advanced cards (either your choice or randomly selected) based on the number of players:

Advanced Scoring

Advanced cards introduce new ways to score points and a special new effect. There are reminders of how advanced features work on the back of the reference card.


Score 3 points for each gate that is in the correct row of your zoo. If the gate shows blue arrows pointing to the top of the card, the card must be in the top row to score. If the gate shows orange arrows pointing to the bottom of the card, the card must be in the bottom row to score.

Gift Shop

Score 4 points for each gift shop that is in any corner space of your zoo.


Score 5 points for each T-Rex that is in a central space of your zoo.

VR Simulator

During the score step, each simulator becomes an exact copy of one card next to it (not diagonally). A VR simulator cannot copy another VR simulator.

The VR simulator may score differently from the card it copies due to its location in your zoo.

Double Enclosures

Score points for the herbivore and carnivore enclosures as normal. You can score points for one or both of the enclosures.

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