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Every time the wagon and the courier meet on a space, the active player can take one Influence card from the pile. Each card can only be used once and is removed from the game after it is played. The cards are:

Free Loading

You can load 2 goods for free on any wagon. You may not load the same kind of good that the Loading Master loaded. This card is played during Action 2.

Note: The Loading Master cannot prevent you from loading your goods for free. If he did not put any good on the wagon, you may load the goods of your choice. This card replaces your loading action; i.e. you cannot load more than 2 goods with the help of this card.

Broken Axle

Put this card on a wagon. This wagon cannot move this turn. This card is played at the beginning of Action 3, before the first player moves a wagon.

Note: More than one wagon can be prevented from moving in the same turn and more than one card can be played on the same wagon. Wagons can be stopped on the road or in a city.

Special Sale

You may sell a good of your choice, from one of your warehouses to the bank, for 800 florins. This card is played at the end of Action 4.

Sale With Bonus

You receive the bonus for every good sold in a city, even if these goods are produced in this city. This card is played during Action 5.

Note: This card is used for a single wagon in one city. Only the player who plays this card receives the bonus.

Social Climbing

You may increase your status by one level (and only one) for 1,200 florins, no matter the actual price to do so. If you want to increase your status by another level, you must pay the price shown on the wagon track. This card is played during Action 7.

Note: As soon as 5 wagons have visited a city, this card allows players to make significant savings. A player can use 2 Social Climbing cards to purchase two levels for 2,400 florins.

Loading Master

Pay the bank 800 florins to become the Loading Master of a wagon. This card is played at the beginning of Action 2.

Note: This card is played in turn order to avoid any situation where more than one player might play this card for the same wagon. The active player goes first, followed by the other players in turn order.

Low Upkeep

You pay an upkeep of 400 florins, regardless of your current social status. This card is played during Action 7.

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