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Once you have revealed all 24 Locations multiple times in one game, we recommend that you start using the expert rules. It makes the game more tactical and gives you exciting new possibilities.


If you successfully make a connection on your turn (and only then!) you must activate the ability of the animal depicted on the Location you just revealed.

Lucas successfully reveals a Location with a crab, so he must use the ability of the crab.


Secretly look at any unrevealed Location without showing anyone and put it back in place.

Lucas successfully reveals a penguin. He chooses 1 unrevealed Location and secretly looks at it. He now knows more than his fellow players and is better prepared for the coming rounds.


Exchange the octopus with a horizontally or vertically adjacent (not diagonally) Location. It does not matter if this Location is unrevealed or revealed. Important: In this case you have to change the positions of Locations on the island.

After successfully revealing an octopus, Bianca exchanges its position with a Location next to it. She chooses to exchange it with one of the Locations Amanda looked at secretly at the beginning of the game.


Touch any Location you want to keep hidden. The next player may not reveal this Location. Don't activate this ability, if there is only one unrevealed card left.

Marcel successfully reveals a walrus. He knows where a connecting Location for this card and forbids Lucas to choose it. Lucas now has to try his luck discovering a connection in the other unrevealed Locations.


The player must immediately take an additional turn. If another crab is successfully revealed he takes another additional turn, and so on.

A successfully revealed crab can be a blessing or a curse. However, Amanda knows where there is a connection and can use the crab to reveal this Location to limit the options of her fellow players.


Nothing happens.

After Lucas successfully reveals a turtle, the turn passes to the next player.

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