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Revaluation Variant

A number of counters valued 1-5 (5 of each) are placed into a cloth bag. Any time you roll a double you can 'revalue' one of your paintings (if you have one).

You must choose which painting is being revalued before choosing a counter. Simply reach into the cloth bag and randomly draw out a counter but be careful that the other players don't see the counter.

The value of the painting is increased by the value of the counter multiplied by $100k. For example, a 5 increases the value of a painting by $500k. The same painting can be revalued multiple times. You can bluff opponents by revaluing a forgery but the painting is still worthless - a forgery is still a forgery!

When combined with the other variants this introduces some interesting strategy to the game. Do I sell the painting to get extra money or do I keep it for the final set collection bonus but run the risk if losing it via a private auction?

Set Collection Variant

Get an 'end of game set collection bonus' for having the majority of unsold paintings still in your hand for each of the three colored stickers before the final monetary count up.

Put colored circle stickers on all of the paintings. There are 3 different colors with one sticker on each card. Red dots stickers are on 6 paintings, blue dot stickers on 8 paintings, and yellow dot stickers on the other 10 paintings.

The end of game bonuses are $250k, $500k, and $750k. This is because keeping the majority of the paintings with 10 stickers is harder than the paintings with only 6 stickers. You must have the painting in your hand at the end of game to count for the bonus. In the event of TIES: no-one gets the bonus!

This makes art have potential value besides the random value card. Even a forgery may not be worthless. It should help auctions be more unpredictable, as you may lose a symbol you wanted but may get more cash than normal for the art, especially if people are fighting over the symbol.

Inherit Painting Variant

The space that says "inherit painting from bank" is replaced with "swap painting with the bank". When landing on this space discard one of your paintings (for no money) and replace with a new painting from the bank.

This may be a hard decision if your painting is low value but is a symbol you are collecting. (if playing with Set Collection Variant).

Betting Variant

All the lucky "get free money spaces" are replaced with a betting game. Bet x dollars and roll two dice: 2-5 lose bet. 6-9 keep bet. 10-12 double bet but any double automatically trebles the bet.

So, if the space says "get $500k", instead you can choose to bet $500k (if you have it) and you may lose it, keep it, double it, or even treble it.

You must have the money to gamble. This is still lucky but now it is a choice. It may be great to gamble if think you are losing but maybe not so good if you think you are winning.

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