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(for experienced players)


Bishop, Fool, Judge, Queen, King, Witch

With 3 players, 6 character cards are used. Each player gets two characters in front of them, one corresponding to their left hand and the other to their right.

Each player begins the game with 6 gold coins, and the money belongs to both of the player's characters.

As in a regular game, the first four turns must be swaps - or not. Then, on their turn, a player can:

  • Swap under the table one of their two cards - or not - with an opponent's card or even their other card; or

  • Secretly look at one of their cards; or

  • Place their hand on one of their cards and announce what they believe that card to be and perform the corresponding action.

If an opponent calls the bluff, they must clearly indicate, by placing their hand on it, which of their two cards they believe to be the named character. Players may contest with only one of their cards.

All the other rules from the regular 4 to 13 player game apply.

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