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  • 1 gameboard
  • 5 closed markers
  • 21 character tokens
  • 30 zombie figures
  • 6 voting wheels
  • 4 dice
  • 1 dice box
  • 21 action cards
  • 1 chief of security badge
  • Rulebook


  1. Choose Characters

    Each player chooses a color and gets the matching Pin-Up, Tough Guy and Gunman characters and a Voting Wheel. Players in a 3 player game also get the Little Girl character. Each player gets one Action card and the remaining cards are placed face down next to the board.

  2. Chief of Security

    The oldest person takes the Chief of Security badge and is the first player.

    All group actions start with the Chief of Security and then proceed in clockwise order.

  3. Close Location

    If required close Cachou (Location 2) in a 3 or 4 player game.

  4. Place Characters

    Starting with the Chief and proceeding clockwise, each player rolls 2 dice and places one of his characters in a location matching one of the dice.

    Continue until all characters are placed. If both dice indicate full locations, then the player may choose any location that has room.

  5. Place Zombies

    The Chief rolls 4 dice and places a zombies in front of each location indicated by a die.


Before any vote, every player gets one opportunity to play one or more cards. Starting with the Chief of Security, each player plays as many cards as he wishes. This goes once around the table.

When voting, players use their Voting Wheel and choices are revealed simultaneously. Only characters in the location may be voted for. You may vote for yourself.

If a player has several characters in the same location, he has that many votes. If his color is chosen, he can choose which of his characters is selected.

In the case of a tie there is a re-vote, and players who do not have characters in the location are allowed a single vote. Only characters from the tie may be voted for.


Gunmen get an extra vote when they are present.

Threat Cards

Players may discard any number of Threat cards before any single vote to receive an extra vote per card. The same card is still valid for a potential re-vote. However, one cannot play another card between the first and second vote.


A player may never show cards or the dice to another player (but he is free to tell other players the results of the dice throw as part of negotiations - of course, he is also free to lie about the results).

Except after searching the truck, a player may also never give cards to another player. However, whoever is chosen to draw the three action cards from the truck can use the 1 card he must give away as part of negotiations.

Game Play

A. Search the Truck

All characters in the Parking Lot (Location 4) vote to decide who searches the truck.

At this point the following card(s) can be played:

The winner looks at the top three Action cards, keeps one card and gives one card to any other player. The third card is placed at the bottom of the deck.

Ties in the second vote result in no cards being distributed. Ignore the phase if there are no cards.

B. Elect the Chief of Security

All characters in the Security HQ (Location 5) vote to decide who will be Chief of Security this round.

At this point the following card(s) can be played:

Ties in the second vote result in no one being elected Chief of Security, and the current Chief of Security remains. The same applies when the Security Center becomes condemned.

If the Chief player is eliminated and dies, the next player in clockwise order becomes the new Chief.

C. Arrival of the Zombies

The Chief rolls the 4 dice under cover of the dice box.

A Chief of Security may view the dice only if he was elected this round (e.g. the initial Chief of Security (the eldest player) cannot look at the zombie arrival dice rolls because he was not elected).

In clockwise order all players (regardless if they have a character present in the Security HQ or not) may now use a Security Camera card to view the dice.

At this point the following card(s) can be played:

D. Choose Destinations

A Chief of Security who was elected this round must choose his destination first and tell the other players. If he wasn't elected this round, all players select their destinations simultaneously.

All other players use their wheels to select a destination where they will move one of their characters.

A player can never choose a closed location, however one can choose a location that is full (in order to go back to the parking or hoping that someone else leaves that location prior to his/her turn).

No location may take more people than push-pins.

E. Move Characters

Reveal destinations simultaneously.

The Chief places the zombies according to the dice. If location 2 is indicated in a 3 or 4 player game or any other closed location, this die is ignored.

An empty location that now has 8 or more zombies is condemned: Place a "Closed" mask on that location and remove all the zombies. This location remains closed for the rest of the game.

The Parking Lot (Location 4) can never be condemned.

Beginning with the Chief and in clockwise order, players move characters to their chosen destinations.

If a character is moved to a full location, then the character must go to the Parking Lot (Location 4). A player must move a character, but may discard a Sprint card on his turn to change his destination, even returning to the location he left.

At this point the following card(s) can be played:

F. Attack Of The Zombies

Place an extra zombie on the location with the most characters. Place an extra zombie on the location with the most Pin-Ups.

If several locations have the same maximum, none attract an extra zombie.

Starting with Location 1 and ending with Location 6, resolve the Zombie attacks.

If the number of zombies are greater than or equal to the number of characters at the location they are supposed to enter the location.

Tough Guys count as 2.

All players with at least one character there vote to decide who loses a character at that location to the zombies.

Ties in the second vote result in a random color being selected, no matter how many characters each players has respectively (2p = 50%, 3p = 33,3%, etc)..

In the Supermarket (Location 6), 4 zombies are enough to enter no matter how many characters are there.

Before the vote, each player present in this location may discard one or more Action cards which may reduce the zombies to a safe number so they cannot enter.

At this point the following card(s) can be played:

If zombies enter a location and eat a character, they are taken off the board at the end of the attack resolution. Otherwise they stay outside the location.

As an exception, zombies always leave the parking lot at the end of the round even if they have not eaten. In the Parking Lot (Location 4) every single zombie feeds. A vote is taken for each Zombie, one at a time.

All Zombies are removed from the Parking Lot after this phase.


  • Hardware

    Holds off one extra zombie. Can't be used in the Parking Lot (Location 4), or to stop 4 or more zombies entering the Supermarket (Location 6).

  • Weapon

    Immediately kills one or two zombies depending on the number of shadows on the card.

  • Hidden

    A character (token) may not be a victim, but also may not vote. This character still counts towards keeping the zombies out. The Hidden card may be used for all votes at the Parking Lot (Location 4) for one round.

    The effects of a Hidden card apply to one character for the entire round even over multiple votes. A hidden character cannot be eaten even if he is the only one in the location. If a location only has hidden characters, none of them are eaten.

Every card played is immediately removed from the game.

Player becomes a Zombie

If at the end of an Attack (Phase F) a player is left with no more characters then he can no longer play.

However, he may still participate in group votes (second votes in the case of a tie) and may on the next round only return as a Zombie by placing a Zombie at the location of his choice at the end of the Choose Destinations phase (Phase D).

End of the Game

The game ends if all remaining characters are at the same location but not at the Parking Lot (Location 4) or if there are only 4 remaining characters, no matter where they are (6 in a 6 player game).

The game ends at the conclusion of the round in which one of the game end conditions is satisfied, not immediately.

The winner is the person with the most Victory Points (total the numbers on the surviving character tokens).

Ties are broken by the number of unused cards.

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