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  • Four colors of Tiles from 0 to 9 (30 Red, 30 Blue, 30 Green, 20 Black)
  • Portable Pouch
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first one to get rid of the tiles by combining 3 of the same color tiles to make the sum of 10 or 20.

Game Words

Dum-Mee: the place where unused tiles are located.

Tree: Combination of a single color registered tiles and other tile joined to make the sum of 10 or 20.

Registration: first set of tree in a color that is using 3 tiles of the same color to make a sum of 10 or 20.

Game Play

  1. Mix 110 tiles face down. Pick 15 tiles per player.

  2. Place the remaining ones into the middle of the table, the "Dum-Mee". More tiles can be retrieved only if a sum

    of 10 or 20 cannot be made. A turn can use up to a minute of time and the turn is skipped when a player goes over the time. More time can be given to control the difficulty. Using an hourglass or a timer can be fun.

  3. Who goes first can be creative. For example, start with the youngest player in a clockwise direction.

  4. Register by making a sum of 3 tiles to make 10 or 20 in a single color. If you made a registration using the green color, call it the "Green Tree*

  5. When making the sum of 20, you can use 3 or 4 tiles.

  6. Only after making a registration, then you can add to other 'Tree".

  7. If you cannot make a registration or add to an existing Tree", pull a tile from the "Dum-Mee".

Registering the Number

Registration is made by adding 3 tiles of the same color to make the sum of 10 or 20. A sum of 20 can be made using either 3 or 4 tiles. It Is possible for one player to register more than one color.

However, the player cannot register in the color that has already been registered.

(Black tiles are joker tiles but once it is registered, it cannot be used as a joker tile. When you are done with your registration, the next person takes the turn. When the registration cannot be made, the player must take a tile from the "Dum-Mee".

For players who have registered at least one set, they can add to the Tree" going down or across. When all colors have been registered, anyone can add to the Tree".

Adding to the Number

The registered player can add to other registered 'Tree" by adding tiles going down or across.

(The sum of 3 tiles must make the sum of 10 or 20) Black tiles can be added to any colored 'Tree". Add as many combinations of 10 or 20 in a given time. Turn is over when the player can no longer add to the 'Tree".

Example: John adds two tiles, numbers 6 and 8 to the registered red combination. (Adding 2 tiles) When adding to the 'Tree" for the first time, the connection must be made at either ends. Therefore A is not allowed but B is allowed.

Pick From the "dum-mee"

When a sum of 10 or 20 cannot be made in a player's turn, take one tile from the "Dum-Mee". After getting a tile, the turn goes to the next player.

End of the Game

When all tiles from the player's pile are used, he is declared the winner. If all tiles from the "Dum-Mee" are used up, the person with the least number of tiles remaining is the Winner.

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