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  • 200 Word Cards
  • 42 Sentence Cards
  • Instructions


  • Shuffle the deck of Word cards and deal 7 to each player.

  • Shuffle the deck of Sentence cards and place it in the center of the table with the deck of Word cards.

Object of the Game

The game consists of multiple rounds. During each round, a Sentence card is revealed and read aloud. Next, all players will choose Word cards from their hands to fill in all the blanks in the sentence.

When all players are ready, each player will read the sentence with their chosen words filled in, then everyone votes.

You cannot vote for your own, and whoever gets the most votes wins a point for that round. The game continues until someone gets 3 points!

Game Play

Each round:

  1. Reveal New Sentence: Flip over the top card of the Sentence deck and read the sentence aloud.

  2. Choose Words: Each player chooses a selection of cards from their hands, enough to fill in all the blanks on the current Sentence card, and places their chosen cards face-down in front of them.

    Word Card

    The cards they choose must have word types appropriate for each of the blanks they correspond to. Each player chooses one Word card for each blank space on the Sentence card. When everyone has chosen their set of cards...

  3. Read Sentences: Players take turns reading the sentence with their chosen selection of words filling in the blanks.

    As you read, choose the best version possible of the base word to ft grammatically into the given blank space. Reveal your Word cards as you read them.

    Sentence Card

  4. Vote by Pointing: After everyone has read their version of the sentence, you must decide whose you liked best. You can't choose your own. When you are ready to vote, raise your hand, pointing up.

    When all players are doing this, have someone count "3, 2, 1", then everyone points at the player they choose.

    All must continue pointing until a count of votes is complete, and players may need to clarify exactly who they are pointing at.

  5. Award Point(s): Whoever gets the most votes wins a point. Use face-down Sentence cards as indicators of each player's score.

Between Rounds

  • When the round ends, all Word cards used are placed in the discard pile, and everyone draws back to 7.

  • Before redrawing, players may choose to discard any other cards from their hand that they wish to replace.

End of the Game

The first player to get 3 points wins!


  • Ties: If there's a tie during the vote, each tied player gains a point. (Unless all players are involved, in which case no one scores).

    Draw additional Sentence cards as needed for extra score markers. If the round ending in a tie causes the whole game to end in a tie, continue playing until someone has 4 points.

  • Word Type Shortage: If a player is unable to finish the current sentence because their cards don't have enough of the word types required, they should draw extra cards until they've gotten enough to fill in all the blanks.

    At the end of the round, they must then discard back down to 7. (Yes, they may discard even more if they wish, and then draw back up to 7).

  • Expanding Word Usage: If you feel another form of the base word fits better but isn't listed on the card, feel free to make your case and use your preferred version of the word.

  • Non-Player Voting: If everyone agrees, interested bystanders can be invited to participate in the voting process.

  • Blank Cards: We've included a few blank Word cards for you to be creative with. Enjoy!

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