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The solo game is based on a 2-player game. You play against a virtual opponent that follows certain rules.

Your objective is to gain more influence than he does. Your final score is the difference between your score and his score.

Level 1


Setup a 2-player game, but place only 1 Favor token on each Isle and do not use the Time tokens. Do not place any Novices in the Temple, yet. This is done in the Preliminary Round.

Preliminary Round

Your opponent is the start player. Place 1 Shrine and 1 Novice of his color on the Holy Isle with the Master Builder and 2 Novices on each of the other Isles.

  • Take an opponent Novice from the Isle matching the symbol of the opponent's Temple tile and place him on that tile.
  • Place a Novice of your own on the remaining tile in the Temple, together with a book.
  • Now, you may place your starting pieces as usual.

At The Beginning Of Each Round

  • Choose an Isle and deactivate all opponent Novices on that Isle. Move your opponent's "Member of the Council" piece accordingly.

  • The opponent puts one of his Novices on one of the approved Temple tiles, if he has an active Novice on an Isle with a matching symbol.

    If there is more than one such Isle, choose the one that matches the tile with the bigger number. If there is such a tile:

    • Place the tile in question and an opponent active Novice from the matching Isle on the proper space in the Temple.
    • Your opponent gains influence according to the Guard tile as usual.
    • Do you already own at least one "Book of Wisdom"? If yes, take the book that lies on your tile with the lowest number and place it on your opponent's tile with the lowest number. Your opponent gains 1 influence point.

    If there is no such tile, your opponent does not gain a Temple tile in this round.

During The Action Phase

If you displace an opponent Novice from the Temple, place it next to the Isle matching the tile he comes from. This Novice is inactive.

At The End Of Each Round

  • The Action Phase ends when you do not want to take any more actions.
  • Does your opponent have at least one active Novice on the Isle with the Master Builder? If yes, place one of his Shrines on that Isle unless there is already one of his.
  • Your opponent does not lose influence due to the Apostate.
  • The Apostate moves to the next Isle in clockwise order containing one or more of your Novices.

Level 2

Additionally To The Rules Of Level 1:

During the Action phase, the Apostate blocks all actions on "his" Isle except "Expulsion".

That means, you are allowed to use a Novice favor token and/or your Novices on this Isle to move the Apostate. Any other actions on this Isle are prohibited.

Level 3

Additionally To The Rules Of Level 1:

  • During setup, place the Master Builder and Moon Priestess on the same Isle.

  • During the Action phase, the Apostate blocks all actions on the Isle he is on. That means, even "Expulsion" is prohibited.

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