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  • Basic set: "The starship": 16 cards
  • Expansion set: "The flying garden": 16 cards

Note: This game contains both sets. You are not supposed to use all cards at the same time. Instead, each set is a slightly different game.

The Cards

1 Card Name.

2 Effect: This happens when you play the card.

3 Investigation Speed: When Investigation Phase starts, this indicates the order in which players investigate. The lower the number, the earlier you investigate.

4 Rarity: Indicates how many of this card there are in the deck.

5 Expansion Symbol: To separate the cards from the two sets. The basic set has a Starship on it, and the expansion set has a Flying garden.

Basic set:
"The starship"

Expansion set:
"The flying garden"


Use either the base set, or the expansion set, or a custom mix consisting of 16 cards (how to set up a custom set is explained later). For the first game, we recommend using the basic set to get used to the game.

Preparing The Play Field

Shuffle all 16 cards and place them face down in the middle. this is the deck.

From the deck, deal 1 card face down to each player, and place one other card beside the deck, in a place called the "ruins".

The basic principle in this game is that all information is hidden. Players are only allowed to look at the card in their hand, but not the Ruins or the other players' cards.

Decide starting player in any suitable fashion, like the player who has inherited the most awesome legacy, or rock-paper-scissors. You're now ready to start.

Game Play

The game consists of players taking turns clockwise around the table. This continues until the deck runs out of cards.

One Turn

The turn player does the following:

  1. Draw: Draw the top card from the deck and add it to your hand. You now have 2 cards in hand.

  2. Play: Choose one of the two cards to play, and place it face up in front of you.

  3. Effect: The played card's effect happens, as far as possible. Once the card effect has happened, the card is regarded as a discarded card.

  4. End: If there is at least one card left in the deck, the turn goes to the player to the left.

If, at point 4), the deck is empty, the game proceeds to the investigation phase.

  • During a turn, it may happen that players are ejected from the game. If that happens, the turn ends and goes to the player tothe left of the current player.

  • If the ejected player had a card in hand, it is discarded (face up in front of him). If he held the Lost Legacy, however, it's reshuffled into the Deck.

  • If all players but one are ejected before the Investigation phase, then the only remaining player becomes the winner

Investigation Phased

If the deck runs out of cards, the Investigation phase begins. The Investigation phase is done in the Investigation speed order of the cards the players have in their hands - the player with the lowest speed being the first.

As players shan't show their cards, simply call out "Any 1s? No? Any 2s?" to determine the order.

Important: If several players have cards with the same investigation speed, they cannot investigate at all. Also, an X is not a number, hence the player with the X card cannot investigate either.

How To Investigate

Investigation simply means looking at a card of your choice. You can choose to look at either

  • a player's card (even your own card)
  • or a card in the ruins

to investigate. Reveal the card to all players, and if it is the Lost Legacy, that player wins. Otherwise, the next player in investigation speed order investigates.

  • If a player has the Lost Legacy in hand, he can investigate himself and thus win the game.

  • If no player finds the Lost Legacy during investigation, then everybody loses.

Optional Rule

To vary your game, there is a number of optional rules you can use.

Custom Card Set

You can use cards from both the basic set and the expansion set to create your own custom set. However, for the game to work you need to follow the following guidelines to create a set of 16 cards:

  1. Form a set comprised of 1 card each with Investigation speeds 1 to 5, 2 cards with speed 6 and 3 cards each with speeds 7, 8 and X.

  2. For cards with speed 6-8 and X, use only the cards from either the base set or the expansion set. Don't mix several different 7s, for example.

  3. Put the unused cards back in the box.

Megamix Set (available For 6 Players)

Use all the cards in the base set and the expansion set.

Remove one of the lost legacies.

You'll end up with 31 cards, so you can play up to 6 players. This optional rule can be applied also to a game with 2-4 players.


Notes on "Exchanging card with your hand"

With cards like {{General}} or {{Search}} where the card says "you may exchange that card with your hand", you have the choice whether or not to do so.

You are not required to tell other players whether or not you exchanged the cards, so you may wish to hide the cards under the table and act as if you have exchanged the cards.

Notes on Girl of Fate and Sneak Attack

{Girl of Fate} and{ Sneak Attack} do not trigger their effects when these cards are played.

Instead, their effects are triggered when another player plays a card with "Look at any one other player' s hand" effect against a player who has{ Girl of Fate} or{ Sneak Attack} in his/her hand.

{ Swordsman} Looks At Another Player's Hand, But Will Cancel The Effect Of{sneak Attack}.

Notes on Saint

{ Saint} has no effect when played. It will only trigger its effect if the card is in your discard pile, and you have been eliminated from the game. Once the effect has been triggered, the card is flipped over and will not trigger its effect again.

However, flipped-over {Saint} card can still be targeted by cards like {Necromancer} or {False Information}.

Notes on Lost Legacy: The Starship

Due to the card effect "This card cannot be played", this card literally cannot be played on your turn. However, this card can still be exchanged with a player' s hand or with ruins deck by other cards' effects.

Notes on Lost Legacy: Flying Garden

Unlike {Lost Legacy: The Starship} , this card may be played on your turn. The card' s effect is then triggered, resulting in the card being shuffled into the ruins deck.

Similarly, when a player is eliminated this card' s effect is triggered and thus the card will be added into the ruins deck.

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