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Basic Set: The Starship


A peaceful village is suddenly raided by soldiers of the empire. Their aim is to capture a nameless girl.

The girl has a narrow escape with the help of a wandering swordsman, and learns that she has an untapped ability to awaken an ancient artifact called the Legacy.

A general of the empire, who engages in secret maneuvers, and a band of thieves after a treasure, both chases her persistently. As she flees from their pursuit, the girl, as her fate would have it, arrives at the ruins.

Deep in the ruins, lays the Legacy left by ancient people...

Characters & Legacy

Girl of Fate

This girl used to live a quiet life in a town deep in the mountains. She is an orphan raised by a childless elderly couple.

Since the elderly couple died, she has run their small bakery by herself. When attacked by soldiers of the empire, she realizes that her strangely-shaped birthmark is related to the Legacy. It is the beginning of her long adventure.


He is a general of the empire and plans to rule the world by gaining the power of the Legacy. Half of his face id covered with a mask to conceal an injury. He is a shrewd man excelling in strategic skills in addition to military prowess.

Female Thief

She is the leader of a gang of thieves who take up residence in the mountains. The thieves are heroic bandits, who never steal from the weak.

She mistakes the Legacy for a treasure and persistently chases the girl, who appears to know its whereabouts.

She is sentimental and her actions are strongly motivated by a sense of moral obligation and humane feelings. She is a beautiful woman with big-sisterly disposition.


He is a wandering swordsman, who just happens to be at the scene when soldiers of the empire raid a town deep in the mountains. While he escapes with the girl from her pursuers, he closes in on the truth about the Legacy.

He is an unsociable man of few words, but is kind at heart. His skills on swordsmanship are a good match for those of the General.

Lost Legacy: The Starship

Long ago, this starship for travelling an ultra-long distance was used by ancient people to visit this planet. After they decided to settle down at this planet, the starship was buried deeply in the ground.

It is equipped with a semi-perpetual motion machine capable even of atmospheric flight together with various weapons to defend itself. If the starship operates at full capacity, it is invincible against anything at the present level of technology on this planet.

Expansion Set: The Flying Garden


In a region where the ruins of ancient civilizations are scattered, there is a legend of a flying garden floating far up in the sky with a full load of treasures. From ancient times, many people have tackled this mystery, but none of them reached the garden.

Under such circumstances, an adventurer walks into the ruins in search of a missing woman.

After narrowly surviving a battle with a formidable necromancer, who manipulates the corpses of former associates, he reaches the inmost depths of the ruins, where he finds the missing woman with a mysterious robot. Before his bewildered eyes, the gate to the flying garden is about to open.

Characters & Legacy


This woman runs an orphanage in a city, where adventurers gather. She uses her strong healing power to save the poor, and is called a saint.

She is not yet aware that her healing power is brought by the blood of ancient people in her.


The necromancer is a mysterious female sorcerer covered in a black robe. She is actually an agent assigned by the empire to search for the Legacy.

She has a dangerous skill to manipulate the corpses of those who died during their search as her captured pieces.


This experienced adventurer has investigated the ruins in many regions in search of the passage to the legendary flying garden in the sky.

He cares for the orphanage he escaped in the past and dreams of returning to the orphanage with treasures he finds as gifts.


The guardian protects the passage (transfer gate) to the flying garden.

It is a tall robot equipped with the perpetual motion machine given the task by ancient people to prevent people from misusing the flying garden.

Since it has spent such a long time on duty, it waits for the coming of someone who will release it from its duty.

Lost Legacy: Flying Garden

This garden with beautiful flowers in full bloom floats in the air. It used to be a facility for people to temporarily dwell while terraforming a planet. It can stay in the air using an anti-gravity device.

In spite of its peaceful appearance, it carries on its bottom part a powerful energy weapon to shape the land suitably for terraforming. It can turn an area of 1 square kilometer into a crater by single blast.

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