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Rating: 5.7 Fair
Players: 4-44 players
Playing time: 20-3 minutes

Created by: David Yakos

Published by: Outset Media


The party game Lost in Translation consists of a deck of clue cards and a pad of blank answer sheets. There are 3 kinds of cards in the deck:

1) Pictures of signs, packages, menus, etc with one or more words obscured by questions marks and a notation of a non-English language. Players will need to guess the word(s) obscured by the question marks.

2) Movie Titles in English with a notation of a country where that movie was translated into a non-direct translation. Players will need to provide their best guess of the translated movie title in that country. (For example, you might guess that Star Wars in China might be translated into "Space Adventures").

3) Idioms in a non-English language with a direct translation into English and a notation about the language the idiom comes from originally. Players will need to guess what the idiom is actually about.

The game is played over 10 rounds. Each round, one player will act as the editor and select 1 random card, and then read the language / country and show the picture, read the movie title, or the translated idiom.

The editor writes down the actual answer and collects everyone's answer sheets and reviews them. If anyone gets the answer correct, they score points and the answer is not used.

The editor then reads the remaining answers in random order.

Players vote on which answer they believe to be correct. Points are given for those who guess the correct answer and for those who got others to vote for their answer.

The editor also grants a bonus point for their favorite answer - often a humorous answer.

The editor rotates to a new player each round and after 10 rounds, the player with the most points wins the game.

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