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To play the full game, add these advanced rules. A setup rule provides the ability to customize your Personal Bonus Tile. Then, an important element of the game is introduced: the Leader Cards. These cards are used in the Actions phase. They have strong special abilities, but you will need to satisfy some requirements to play them.


Instead of taking a Personal Bonus Tile, place them with the advanced side faceup on the table. In a reverse turn order, each player chooses a Personal Bonus Tile and places it next to their Personal Board.

Shuffle the Leader Cards and give 4 cards to each player. Choose 1 card to keep and pass the others to the player on your right. Continue drafting cards until each player has 4 cards.

Leader Cards

Each Leader card has some requirements you must satisfy to play it. These are indicated in the upper part of the card. Requirements are not costs. You don't have to pay them. You only need to have them when you play the card. (It doesn't matter if you lose some requirements afterward).

Each Leader has a special ability that is either Once Per Round or Permanent, indicated in the lower part of the card.

Once Per Round abilities give you bonuses when you activate it with a Leader Action (see below). These effects can be activated only once per round.

Permanent abilities usually have effects that are applied in specific circumstances, so they can be applied more than once per round.

Leader Actions

During their Actions Phase, players may perform one or more special actions without placing a Family Member. These instant actions can be performed at any time, before or after placing their Family Member.

Discarding a Leader Card

You can decide to discard a Leader card from your hand. If you do so, you immediately receive a Council Privilege. You may do this more than once per turn.

Playing a Leader Card

You can play a Leader Card from your hand if you satisfy the Leader requirements. Place the Leader card face up next to your Personal Board. You may do this more than once per turn.

Example: The moment you have 10 wood in your personl supply, you may play this Leader Card.

Activating a Leader's Once Per Round Ability

Turn the Leader Card face down and resolve its "Once Per Round" Ability. You may activate more than one card per round.

End Of The Round

Turn facedown Leader cards faceup.

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