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Q: Is this a legal clue?

Yes. Any word is a legal clue as long as you believe it's a real word. This includes abbreviations like USA and the name of your favorite anime character. However, you are not allowed to indicate that your clue might be unusual in any way.

Q:Can I give a 10-letter clue?

Sure. Just pretend you have extra num- bered tokens and tell your friends where your pretend tokens should go.

Q:What if I see two Rs?

Don't say anything. If you see a clue that uses multiple Rs (like BERRY) you can use the same letter card twice, or you can use both letter cards. It's up to you.

Q:On my guessing sheet, are those letters in gray because they aren't in the deck?

Yes. If you need one of them to spell a word, you can use the wildcard.

Q:When making secret words, is it okay for some players to get shorter or longer words than others?

Yes, that works just fine. But remember, players with more letters need more clues, so they will probably give fewer clues.

Q:Can I use my own letter in a clue?

No, you can only use letters you can see. Late in the game, can I say whether my clue will help those who need it most?

You can discuss strategy and goals before you start comparing clues. And if you believe your clue helps people who need it, you can say you have a good clue. You just can't say who is included and who isn't.

Can I move on from a letter I'm unsure of? You can move on if you have been given a clue for it, even if the clue was in an earlier round. You can't to go back to it later, but sometimes you have to take a chance - especially if you are running out of clues.

Q:What if I get information from other players' guesses?

Use it! You are allowed to say whether you are sure or unsure of your letter.

This information might help others move on. You can't say your guess out loud, except when guessing for a bonus letter, in which case, even a wrong guess can be helpful!

Q:If I can't figure out my final word, may I make a smaller word?

No, but try using the wildcard.

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