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The game is played normally, but at the end of the game (before the scoring) the players may score bonus points as follows:

The Biggest Area

Before dismantling the board, each player identifies the biggest area of their color. (Marbles placed diagonally are not considered connected).

The player who has the largest area of connected marbles scores bonus points equivalent to the difference between the number of marbles in the two players' largest areas.

Red zone: 12 marbles.

Black zone: 17 marbles.

17 -12= 5 bonus points.

Black gets 5 bonus points.

The Lines

Before dismantling the board, players identify lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) consisting of at least 5 marbles. A line accounts for as many points as the marbles in the line.

The player who has the most cumulative points with their lines will score bonus points equivalent to the difference between the two players' accumulated line points.

Total of red lines: (1 x 7) + (1 x5) = 12 points.

Total of black lines: (3 x5) = 15 points.

15-12=3 points bonus.

Black gets 3 bonus points.

Note: When playing with the variant rules, players may choose to use one or both added rules.

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