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If you are finding that one player wins all the time or the game is lasting too long, you may want to try some of the following game play variations.

Short Game

When teams are evenly matched, Knot So Fast games can last a long time, with teams pulling the Tug-o'- War rope back and forth in the middle.

If you want to specify exactly how long the game will last, make a rule to play with a set number of challenge cards. The team that leads when the last card is played is the winner.

Level the Playing Field

Some players are naturally better, or have more experience, at tying knots than others. To level the playing field, have each team or player use their own challenge cards rather than having everyone competing to tie the same knot.

Split into teams, make an assessment of relative strengths, then divide the challenge cards into two sets-easier challenges for the weaker team and harder for the stronger team. Include only challenge cards that you want to play, you don't need to use the entire deck.

When you play, put both challenge cards into the Tug-o'-War Scorekeeper back to back so that each team can see its selected challenge. All other rules stay the same.

Number of Challenges Selected

You may select as many or as few challenge cards as you wish fora given game. Some players prefer to play with only a few knots and to tie them again and again, while others like to be surprised with a new challenge each round.

A great way to practice and master a knot is to choose only 4 or 5 challenges that are rotated throughout a single game. You will be surprised at how much faster you'll get at tying each knot!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Don't wait for a friend to play Knot So Fast with you! Playing through the challenges on your own will give you a leg up when you're playing competitively.

Once you're familiar with all of the knots, use the timer to see if you can master them in 30 seconds or less!

Number of Times to Play Each Challenge

If you've read this far, you probably already know the answer to this! When you play Knot So Fast, you are practicing how to tie a wide variety of knots drawn from all the major knot categories.

So play Knot So Fast as much as you can; you should play each challenge LOTS of times!

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