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Have you heard of the mysterious island of Karuba? They say that valuable treasure is hidden deep in the jungle.

That's why the three brave adventurers make their way into the jungle to search for the chests, which are full of gold and precious stones. Can you help them find all the treasures?

You don't have much time. The pirate's ship is already on the horizon and they too want to steal the valuable treasure! Be careful as dangerous tigers are lurking in the jungle, which make the path impassable.

Will you manage to find the way to the three treasure chests before the pirate ship reaches the island?

In this game you must work together! If you win, you win together. And if you lose, you lose together too. Help each other during the game, discuss moves and give each other tips about where a tile fits well. Cooperation is the only way to win against the mean pirates!


  • 28 tiles
  • 2 game board pieces
  • 3 adventurers
  • 1 pirate ship
  • 1 set of instructions


Before you start to play you can give the three adventurers names.

Complete the game board jigsaw puzzle and place it in the center of the table. Place the three adventurers on the beach.

The beach has four paths that lead into the jungle. Place the pirate ship on the first ship space, i.e. the ship space that is the furthest from the beach.

Shuffle all the tiles and distribute them face down around the game board. Leave enough space around the beach so that path tiles may be arranged there during the game.

Game Play

Play in a clockwise direction. The youngest player starts. Turn over a tile of your choice. What does it show?


Great! You found a path through the jungle. Place the tile next to an open end of a path of your choice, so that the path continues on the new tile.

You may turn the tile around however you like to make it fit.


Oh no, a dangerous tiger! You must place the path side of the tile on the open end of a path. It blocks the path at this point.

You may no longer continue this path.


Excellent, you discovered treasure! Place this tile, with its path side on an open path, and move the adventurer of your choice to the treasure.

But watch out! You can only reach the treasure if there is an unbroken path from the beach to the treasure. And be careful. You cannot continue to build this path.

Pirate Ship:

Oh no! Pirates! Move the pirate ship towards the beach by as many spaces as there are ship symbols on the tile. Then take the tile out of the game and place it back in the box.

Then the next player takes their turn.

End of the Game

You win the exciting hunt for the valuable treasure if ...

  • you reach all the treasures!

    Hooray! Did you manage to connect all three treasure tiles with the beach via an unbroken path? And is an adventurer standing on each of the treasure tiles?

    Great! Then you saved the valuable treasure from the pirates and won the game!

You lose the exciting hunt for valuable treasure if ...

  • you get lost in the jungle!

    cannot place any more tiles? Unfortunately you have lost the game! Why don't you try again right away.

  • the pirates raided the island!

    Coconuts! The pirate ship reached the last ship space on the beach before you found all three of the treasures?

    Then the pirates won and you, unfortunately, lost. But you're sure to be faster next time!

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