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Q: How do I decide which cards to make my Faceup Table Cards?

A: Select cards that are easier to play such as your highest numbered cards or Karma Cards.

Q: We keep going back and forth and don't seem to be getting rid of our cards, what are we doing wrong?

A: Check two things: 1) Make sure you're removing the Give a Pile to a Friend Karma Card after it has been played. 2) Make sure you're removing the discard pile from play after 3 identical cards have been played in a row.

Q: I forgot to draw from the draw pile in order to keep a minimum of 3 Hand Cards, what do I do?

A: If you forget to draw on your turn, you must wait until your next turn and play using the cards you currently have in your hand. After your turn has completed, draw the number of cards you need to bring your Hand Cards back up to a minimum of 3.

Q: Another player used the Give a Pile to a Friend card on me and my turn was next. Do I still get to take my turn or did I lose it?

A: You still take your turn. Play continues to the left as normal-regardless of whether that player was the one to receive the pile.

Q: I played the Play a Table Card, and the next card I played was another Play a Table Card, what do I do?

A: Play another Table Card. If you're out of Table Cards, simply play one of your Hand Cards.

Q: If I play two Play a Table Cards at once, do I get to play two different Table Cards?

A: No, if you play them at once you only get to play one Table Card (unless the Table Cards are identical).

Q: Can I choose to pick up the pile even if I have a playable card?

A: Yes, this can be a strategic way to play.

Q: Can I play this game with more than 6 players?

A: Yes, you combine two decks and play with up to 12 players. It makes a great party game.

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