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Q: Is there a limit to how much cargo I can hold?

No, there's no limit. Load up all that junk in that trunk! Your crew can sleep on the crates.

Q: What happens if I have no cargo to launch?

You move 0, which means you will pick up the junk tiles from your current city. Also, your crew is very unhappy.

Q: Do I have to move my ship?

The lure of fresh contracts is always on the horizon! The life of a scavenger captain is without rest. Yes, you have to move, if able.

Q: Can I deliver junk when it (or my ship) passes through the destination city?

No. It's going too fast! To make a delivery, your junk or ship must stop at the destination city.

Q: If my ship lands at the same city as an opponent's ship, is either ship considered hit?

Hit another ship in shared space? And break the code of honor among scavenger captains? No way! Scavenger captains only hit each other from a distance like proper cowards (unless your ship power says otherwise).

Q: Can I hit my own ship?

That's an insult to your chief engineer, who's already waiting for an excuse to mutiny. No, your ship knows your junk's trajectory and is out of its path.

Q: Can I choose not to hit an opponent's ship?

Sure, just launch some other cargo that will land somewhere else! Otherwise, hits are mandatory.

Q: If I start the game with a junk tile destined for Kepler, can I make a direct delivery on my first turn?

Sometimes clerical errors happen! Direct deliveries are always made after your ship moves, and you must move, so you'll have to deliver that Kepler junk on a future turn.

Q: What happens if I start my turn with a junk tile whose destination matches my current city?

This shouldn't happen. Make sure you are refilling from the correct stack. The junk you pick up from a location board will always be destined for a different location board.

Q: Can I use Phobos and Deimos with lower player counts? Can I use some of the advanced game stuff but not all?

You're thinking like a real scavenger captain now! A few notes of advice: Adding the Phobos and Deimos boards means that ships will likely interact less often. Adding the extra junk tiles with small groups will lengthen the game.

The ship b-sides are generally more aggressive abilities. With all that in mind, feel free to customize to suit your crew!

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