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This is a special variant mode of play for exactly 4 players.

Follow all regular rules with the following changes:

Setup Changes

Form into two 2-player teams.

  • Pick one scoring token to represent your team, and return the other to the box.

  • Sit adjacent to your teammate, and ensure that your gates are beside each other on the winter side of the board.

  • Place a Team Storage card between you and your teammate.

  • Pick a starting team. The starting player is the member of the starting team sitting on the left. That means that the turn order each round as you go clockwise will be Team 1, Team 2, Team 2, Team 1.

  • Troll drafting occurs as normal, except starting resources are placed into team storage. There are no bonus starting resources awarded for turn order position.

Gameplay Changes

The personal storage areas on your player mats are not used. Whenever any resource would go into your storage, it is placed into team storage.

On your turn, you may spend resources from your own trollsmoot, from team storage, or a combination of both. You may not spend resources from your partner's trollsmoot.

Note that this limitation creates new strategic possibilities: use your workshops to move resources from your trolls to team storage so that your partner can benefit!

Although you begin your network at your own gate as normal, you may connect your tunnel network to your teammate's. While your networks are connected, you may treat your teammate's network for all purposes (workshop use, statue movement, great hall dedication, etc) as if it were part of your own.

When recruiting trolls, gained Pedestals are placed in team storage. When you have the opportunity to place a pedestal, it comes from team storage.

honor earned during the game and at endgame from both players is scored with your shared team score marker. Each statue and great hall is only scored once, even if your networks are connected at endgame. The team with the most honor wins!

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