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Q: Can factories also be destroyed by fleets?

A: Fleets cannot destroy a factory since they are not allowed to return from a sea region to a land region.

Q: When can nations use their military units to fight?

A: There are two possibilities:

  1. Nations that have chosen the rondel space "Maneuver" are allowed to fight against foreign armies and/or fleets.

  2. Inactive nations are allowed to fight against any foreign army or fleet that has just moved into a region in which the inactive nation has military units. This also applies if a "friendly" army moves into a home province.

Q: Can armies and fleets fight against each other?

A: This is only possible if the fleet still lies in the harbor and the home province of the harbor is entered by a foreign army or the army was already there.

Q: Can armies also enter islands?

A: Only the 5 named islands/archipelagos of Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand count as land regions which can be entered by armies.

Others, such as Madagascar, are simply ignored. Greenland cannot be entered not only because it is not named, but also because it is located inside the polar regions.

Q: What does it mean if a rail network is suspended?

A: If, for instance, a hostile Chinese army stands in Novosibirsk, then it is not possible to get from Moscow or Murmansk to Vladivostok by rail.

Even entering Novosibirsk by rail is not allowed: If, for instance, a Russian army moves from Ukraine to Moscow, it can no longer use the rail to fight the Chinese in Novosibirsk.

Q: Can flags also be put in provinces of other Great Powers?

A: No. But a hostile occupation of a foreign nation's home province prevents the foreign nation from deploying military units there, levying taxes for a factory that is located there, using rail there, or building a new factory.

Q: When is a flag removed from the game board?

A: Only if the region is occupied by one other Great Power exclusively. That means the flag remains if there are military units of several nations there, or no military units in the region at all.

Q: Can bonds be given back?

A: Giving back bonds is allowed only if the respective nation is given a new, higher bond at the same time.

Q: Can the investor invest twice if he owns a Swiss Bank?

A: No. If a player uses the investor card he may not use the Swiss Bank to invest for a second time.

Q: What happens when supplies of a nation are all used up?

A: In this case, no more armies or fleets can be deployed and/or no more flags can be placed. On the other hand, supplies of the bank are considered unlimited (cash, Swiss Banks).

Q: Are players allowed to borrow or receive a gift of money?

A: No. Players are not allowed to borrow, lend or receive a gift of money from one another or from a treasury or the bank. They are only allowed to give money to their treasuries, or during the Investor turn to grant bonds as has been defined in the rules.

Q: Is making agreements allowed?

A: Yes, this is not prohibited. For instance, nations can make arrangements about influence zones or non-aggression pacts; however, there is no game rule that forces a nation to stick to the agreement.

But even if agreements are kept, the situation can change suddenly by changes of government.

Q: Which straits can be passed over with armies?

A: Armies may move from Rome to Turkey, and from Paris to London (where a rail connection exists). Other straits cannot be passed, which is marked on the game board by a broken orange line.

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