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Rating: 5.7 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 60 minutes

Official Site: Official website

Created by:

Published by: Albi, Tactic

Alternate Names: iKNOW: Deutcshland, iKNOW: France, iKNOW: Latvija, iKNOW: Polska, iKNOW: Suomi


In the trivia game iKNOW, you get to test what other players know while trying to score for yourself.

The game includes 1,600 questions in four categories, and each question comes with three hints at three levels of difficulty that reveal the answer piece by piece. Do you think you'll know the answer first - or should you let other players give the question a try?

iKNOW also includes a betting element that gives you a chance to win no matter how much - or how little - you know as long as you know who does or doesn't know.

Do you think that your friend knows his sports forwards and backwards? Do you know that geography is your spouse's worst stumbling block? Place your bets for or against your friends, and collect the winnings.

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Hra roku Nominee 2014
Årets Spil Best Adult Game Winner 2013

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