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Before the game, deal four Heroes to each player. Choose one of your Heroes to keep and pass the other three face down to the player on your left. Choose one of the three Heroes you receive and pass the other two to your left again.

Repeat until you have chosen four Heroes. Finally, select three of those Heroes to use and discard the fourth from the game. Repeat this process with the Duel cards, but this time pass the extra cards to your right.

Choose the starting player. The starting player selects an opponent. Those two players each select a Hero and Duel card pair, reveal them as appropriate and fight a Duel.

Once that Duel ends (i.e., one of the Heroes is exiled), the winning player chooses another player still in the game to duel with. You must choose the player who has the most Heroes left. If there is a tie for the most Heroes, you may choose any of the tied players.

If all of your Heroes are exiled, you are out of the game.

End of the Game

The last player with Heroes in play wins the game!

In theory, there is no limit to the number of players in the game with these rules, provided you have enough cards for everyone (combine two or more games if you need to!).

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