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Rating: 5.5 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-2 players
Playing time: 10-8 minutes

Created by: Angelo Nikolaou, Giorgio Battisti

Published by: dV Giochi


Hoshi Battle is a dueling game of skill and dexterity. Players assume the role of Yokai apprentices as they fight to save the spirit of Herion the Beautiful by becoming her champion.

In each duel, the players invoke powerful heroes as they try to exile their opponent's hero from the world.

The action is controlled by rolling dice in the fighting arena, then using the results to "strike" when the moment is right.

The best duelists become Yokai Masters, their skill the stuff of legends!

Hoshi Battle features simple, easy-to-learn rules and a high level of player interaction, making it the perfect game even for young players, and for anyone who seeks a test of speed and wits!

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Long ago, the most valiant Yokai apprentices fought for the title of Supreme Yokai. These brave duelists were trained from an early age by masters in the art of mystical evocation, and use their powers to awaken the nature spirits that have ruled the Earth since before the War of Forgotten Times.

The Heroes exiled by Herion the Beautiful-the spirit of difference-are awoken from their eternal sleep and bound to the Earth by the Yokai through their magical Hoshi Stones. Now they fight again as they did in that fateful war ages ago. …

Hero Cards

Each Hero card shows one of the mystic heroes you can evoke to fight for you in the Arena. Each Hero card shows:

  • Die Type: The type of die you must roll during the Duel (d8 or d10).
  • Cost: The value of the Hero when using the Constructed Deck Variant.
  • Illustration and Name: The likeness of the Hero and his title.
  • Text: A special ability you may use during the Duel, and some flavor text in some cases.

Duel Cards

  • Artifacts: Valuable and useful ancient items that your Hero may use. …

Before the game, deal four Heroes to each player. Choose one of your Heroes to keep and pass the other three face down to the player on your left. Choose one of the three Heroes you receive and pass the other two to your left again.

Repeat until you have chosen four Heroes. Finally, select three of those Heroes to use and discard the fourth from the game. Repeat this process with the Duel cards, but this time pass the extra cards to your right. …

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