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  • 1 Honey Pot
  • 1 Old Oak Tree
  • 1 Flower Base Tray
  • 32 Leaves
  • 30 Honey Bees
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the player who has the least amount of Honey Bees when they all have left the tree!


Place the Old Oak Tree into the Flower Tray Base. Now put the Honey Pot on top of the Old Oak Tree. Insert the leaves into the holes of the Honey Pot, randomly, so that they go all the way across and through a hole on the opposite side.

Once all the leaves have been inserted, you can place all the Honey Bees into the Honey Pot on top of the leaves.

Any Honey Bees that fall through are simply placed back into the Honey Pot. Each player chooses a numbered Flower Tray and sits in front of it.

Game Play

The player wearing the most yellow and black begins the game. This player carefully turns the Oak Tree so that its hole is pointed toward his/her numbered Flower Tray.

Once the Oak Tree is in position, the player chooses a leaf and carefully pulls it out of the Honey Pot.

It is now the next player's turn. The Old Oak Tree is carefully turned so the hole faces this player's Flower Tray, and he/she removes a leaf from the tree.

The game continues with players taking turns carefully removing the leaves.

End of the Game

As the leaves are removed, Honey Bees will begin to fall through, into the Flower Trays. The player with the least amount of Honey Bees in his/her Flower Tray when all the Bees have fallen is the winner!

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