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There are 3 sorts of buildings:

In order to achieve the special victory points for "Completed Village", production- and exchange-buildings must have a villager placed on them. Since victory point buildings never have villagers placed on them, they always count for village completion.

1. Production Buildings

Production buildings must be occupied by an awake villager in order to produce.

Starting Buildings: 15 Buildings

3 of each

Deck 1: 9 Buildings

3 of each

Deck 2: 11 Buildings

3 of each

1 of each

Deck 3: 5 Buildings

1 of each

2. Exchange Buildings

Exchange buildings basically work in a similar way to production buildings. In order to use an exchange building, a player needs to have one of their villagers awake in the building as well as a good to exchange.

Every exchange building can exchange 1 of its illustrated goods for another, also illustrated good.

Example: White has a bakery and wants to deliver bread to the Market. But he does not have a grain yard and therefore cannot produce grain, which is necessary to bake bread.

However, he does have a marketplace, which can be used to exchange wood, clay, stone, ore, grain and water. He uses a mason on his stone quarry and produces one stone.

He then exchanges the stone on his marketplace into a grain and can now bake the bread in his bakery and delivers it to the Market.

The exchange buildings are listed below:

Deck 1: 2 x Marketplace.

At the marketplace, simple goods (wood, clay, stone, ore, grain and water) may be swapped with one another.

Deck 2: 1 x Cattle market, 1 x Goat market At the cattle market, cows, bread and iron may be swapped with one another. At the goat market, goats, ale and iron may be swapped with one another.

Deck 3: 2 x Grocer.

At the grocers, the complex goods (milk, cheese, meat, cloth and cow bells) may be swapped with one another.

3. Victory Point Buildings

Victory point buildings must simply be built and are then worth 3 VPs each. They produce nothing and cannot be populated by villagers. They count towards the completion of a village for the village completion tile, even though they do not contain villagers.

Deck 2 and 3: 4 buildings

1 of each

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