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  • 1 Game Board
  • 7 Secret Agent Playing Pieces
  • 7 Secret Agent Passport Cards
  • 7 Scoring Tokens
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Safe Playing Piece
  • 8 Playing Piece Stands
  • 8 Playing Piece Stands
  • Expansion Pack: 26 Top Secret Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To earn the most points. Players earn points based on which building their agents occupy when an agent is in the building with the safe.

Confidential Background Information

Players are the chiefs of their countries' spy agencies, sending their best agents into the field in a race to collect top-secret information hidden in a safe.

The agents track the safe to a small, unnamed town, where it moves from building to building. Whenever an agent is able to crack open the safe, every agent gains more information.

During the game, players try to conceal their agents' identities. To accomplish this, players can move any agent in the game. The player who has collected the most information when the game ends wins the game.


  1. The number of agents depends on the number of players.

    Number of PlayersNumber of Agents

  2. For each agent in play create a set of materials, consisting of a Scoring Token, a Secret Agent Playing Piece, and a Secret Agent Passport Card. Place the unused sets back into the box; they will not be used. For example, if there are three players, create six sets and put one set back into the box.

  3. Place all agents in play into playing piece stands and place them in the Church (the building with the number 0 in front of it).

  4. Place the Scoring Tokens for all of these agents on the Start/Finish space in the bottom left corner of the board.

  5. Place the safe in Building 7.

  6. Shuffle the Secret Agent Passport Cards in play and deal one to each player, face- down. Players secretly look at the cards they were dealt and place them face-down in front of themselves.

    The cards indicate which country/agent each player is playing. Place the remaining Secret Agent Passport Cards underneath the gameboard without looking at them - these are now called "free agents".

Game Play

The oldest player goes first.


On each turn:

  1. A player rolls the die.

  2. That player moves one or more agents clockwise around the board.

    1. Moving an agent from one building to the building next to it counts as one movement point. Multiple agents may occupy the same building.
    2. Players may move any agent they choose (including their own), and players may move multiple (or just one) agents.
    3. Players must use the full number of movement points shown on the die.
    4. When players roll "1-3", they may choose to move 1, 2, or 3 movement points.

Example: Anna rolls a 6 and decides to divide the six movement points among three agents, all of whom are in the Church.

She moves the Russian agent from the Church to Building2, the Italian agent from the Church to Building3, and the French agent from the Church to Building 1.

She could have divided her six movement points to move six agents one building each, or she could have moved one agent six buildings - any combination that uses all six movement points is fine.

Scoring Situations

Players create a "scoring situation" when an agent they moved ends a move in the building with the safe (note that moving an agent through the building with the safe does not create a scoring situation; a scoring situation only occurs when an agent stops in the building with the safe).

The agent in the building with the safe cracks it open, revealing information to all of the agents. The number on the building that each agent occupies during a scoring situation indicates the amount of information that agent has captured.

To keep track of the information that agents have captured, the player who created the scoring situation moves all agents' Scoring Tokens along the track. This player moves each Scoring Token the number of spaces equal to the number of the building that token's agent is on.

The old Ruins is a dangerous place, so players in the Ruins during a scoring situation lose three points. When moving Scoring Tokens backwards, they may not be moved further back than Start.

The Church is a neutral location, so players in the Church during a scoring situation neither gain nor lose information.

Example: The safe is in Building 7 and a player creates a scoring situation by ending the Swedish agent's move in that building. The German agent is in Building 4, the Russian agent is in the Ruins, and all other agents are in the Church.

The player who moved the Swedish player advances the green Scoring Token 7 spaces (since the Swedish agent is green) and the grey token 4 spaces (the German agent is grey).

This player moves the red token back three spaces. Since the Church is a neutral location where players neither gain nor lose information, the player does not move the Scoring Tokens of the agents in the Church.

Moving the Safe

After moving the Scoring Tokens, the player who created the scoring situation moves the safe to a different building.

Moving the safe to a building that already has agents in it does not create a scoring situation.

Next Turn

Play passes to the left. Players continue in this manner until one of the Scoring Tokens reaches or passes Finish (which is the same space as Start).

End of the Game

The game ends when one or more Scoring Tokens reach or pass Finish.

Players reveal their Secret Agent Passport Cards and any of the free-agent Secret Agent Passport Cards that are underneath the gameboard - the winner is the player whose Scoring Token reached or passed Finish.

If more than one token reached or passed Finish, the player whose token passed by the largest number of spaces wins. If the winning token matches one of the free agents, then none of the players win.

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