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  • 6 Headbands in 6 different colors
  • 6 Player Cards (colors match headbands)
  • 1 die
  • 1 Timer (20 seconds)
  • 180 Cards
  • 72 Tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to get rid of your 12 tokens. Get rid of tokens by correctly guessing the card on your head, or by "acting up" to help another player correctly guess their card.


  1. Each player selects a headband, the matching-color Player Card, and 12 tokens. Place any unused headbands and Player Cards aside.

  2. Adjust the headband around your head. Make sure the Hedbanz logo is above your eyebrows and centered on your forehead.

  3. Place your Player Card in front of you to remind you of your color.

  4. Shuffle the cards and put them in the center to form a DRAW pile.

  5. Each player draws a card and, WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT, inserts it in their headband with the word(s) facing the other players.

  6. Place the Timer and Die within easy reach of all players.

  7. The remaining Tokens become the Token Bank in the center of the table.

Youngest player goes first.

Game Play

your turn, you are the Guesser. You're trying to guess the Person, Place, or Thing on the card in your headband.

The Guesser rolls the die. The player whose headband matches the color of the die roll is the Actor (The Guesser's partner).

The Actor turns over the Timer and begins to "Act Up!" by acting out the Person, Place, or Thing on the Guesser's headband.

What if I roll my color, or one that's not being worn?

If the Guesser rolls their own color, or a color that isn't being worn by another player, ALL the other players "act up" simultaneously as Actors.

How do I "act Up!"?

When "Acting Up!" you can make a motion, point, or do anything physical. You cannot talk or make a noise, use a prop, or spell out words using your hands.

The Guesser has 20 seconds to guess the card on his/her head. The Guesser can shout out as many answers as they'd like.

  • If the Guesser guesses correctly before time runs out, both the Guesser and the Actor (or Actors) each put one of their tokens in the bank.

    If there is still time on the timer, the Guesser can draw a new card, put it in their headband, and keep going. (Do not reroll the die; continue with the same Actor).

    If they can't guess their new card before time runs out, the card stays in their headband for the next turn.

  • If the Guesser doesn't guess correctly before time runs out, no tokens are returned to the bank, and their turn ends.

    The card stays in the Guesser's headband for the next round. It's now the next player's turn (the player to the Guesser's left).

What If I Want a New Card

If a Guesser can't guess their card, they can take a new card from the draw pile and take a token from the bank, as a penalty. It is still their turn until time runs out.

End of the Game

The first player to get rid of all their tokens wins. If it's a tie, the winning Guesser and Actor both share the victory!

Special Rules for Three Players

In a three-player game, each player gets two colors: their headband color, and a second color that's not being worn.

Place these two Player Cards in front of you to remind you of your colors. All other rules are the same.

For an Extra Competitive Game

Each player uses their Player Marker to hide their remaining tokens from view of the other players. That way, no one knows if they're helping a competitor with only one token left to win!

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