• 76 Ingredient Cards
  • 22 Recipe Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The objective is simple: Be the first to get 5 points by collecting ingredients and completing recipes.


Shuffle the blue cards and deal each player 7 cards. These will be referred to as the cards in your hand. The remaining blue cards become the draw pile and are placed in the middle of the table A.

Next to the draw pile is where cards will be discarded, face up B.

Shuffle the red recipe cards and deal each player 1 recipe. The remaining recipe cards are placed face down to the side to become the recipe draw pile C.

Players put their recipe card on the table in front of them, face up D.

Above each player's recipe card is where the 4 ingredients will be placed, face up E. Those will be the ingredients in play.

To the side of each player will be where their completed recipes are placed, including any extra point cards F.

The player to the left of the dealer goes first. Play continues clockwise.

Game Play

On your turn, you may perform 2 of the following 3 actions. You may perform the same action twice.

1. Play an Ingredient Card

Place one of the four ingredients listed on your recipe, face up on the table above your recipe.

Place only one of each ingredient required to complete your recipe, unless you have a Double Batch, which requires two of each ingredient (see player 2).

2. Play a Strategy Card

Among the blue cards are various strategy cards with different abilities. Descriptions of these abilities are on the other side of this rule sheet.

With the exception of Double Batch and Blue Ribbon cards, strategy cards are placed into the discard pile when they are played.

3. Replace a Card

Discard a card from your hand and draw a new card from the draw pile.

Playing the new card is a separate action.

End of the Turn

At the end of your turn, you will draw or discard back to 7 cards.

Completing a Recipe

Once you have played all four ingredients for your recipe, discard those ingredients.

Place the recipe card in your completed recipe pile, along with the Blue Ribbon card or Double Batch card if you played them, and immediately draw a new recipe card from the recipe draw pile.

In the diagram to the left, Player 1 has an additional point card in their completed recipe pile.

If you complete a recipe on your first action, replace your recipe before performing your second action.


Completed recipes, Double Batch cards, and Blue Ribbon cards each count as 1 point.

When you've earned 5 points, you win!

Strategy Cards

Double Batch

Place beside any recipe in play to require double the ingredients to complete. When the recipe is complete, put this card in your completed recipe pile to represent an additional point.

  • You may play this card on yourself or another player.
  • Only 1 per recipe allowed.

Steal Ingredient

Take any ingredient card in play, from another player and immediately put it in play for your recipe.

  • The ingredient must be usable on your recipe.
  • You cannot put a stolen ingredient into your hand.
  • Wild Ingredients can be stolen.

Blue Ribbon and Double Batch cards cannot be stolen.

Take 2 From Hand

Take two cards at random from another player's hand and put them in your hand.

  • Playing a card you've taken must be done as a separate action.
  • The other player must wait until the end of their turn to replenish their cards.

Spoiled Ingredient

Call out an ingredient and say that it's spoiled. Everyone, including you, who has that card in play must discard it.

  • Cards in player's hands are not affected.

  • Wild Ingredient cards cannot be spoiled.

Hasty Baker

When you use this card as one of your actions, you get two additional actions that turn.

  • Multiple Hasty Baker cards may be used in the same turn for more extra actions.

New Hand

Discard all the cards in your hand and draw 7 new cards.

  • Ibis may be played on yourself or another player.

Playing one of the new cards must be done as a separate action.

Broken Timer

Oh no, the dessert was in the oven too long! Choose a player to discard their recipe and all other cards in play and start over on a new recipe.

Place the discarded recipe at the bottom of the recipe pile.

  • You may play the Broken Timer on yourself.

Blue Ribbon

Use an action to place this card beside your unfinished recipe. When the recipe is complete, put this card in your completed recipe pile to represent an additional point.

  • Only 1 per recipe allowed.

Ingredient Cards

There are 8 ingredient cards, shown below.

Wild Ingredients can act as any ingredient on your recipe and never need to be designated as a specific ingredient.


The recipe cards each list their 4 required ingredients.

The ingredient symbols match the symbols in the corner of each ingredient card

What If..

If you have no cards left in your hand, immediately draw 7 new cards. If the draw pile runs out, replenish it by shuffling the discard pile.

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