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Extra Office (5)

When a player claims a route, he can use this bonus marker to place an Office to the left of but not directly in an adjacent city. He must use a trader or merchant from the route he just claimed, and there must be at least one Office already established in that city.

This additional office counts like any other, except that it is the least valuable for purposes of determining which player controls a city in the event of a tie. The Switch Offices bonus marker cannot be used on this extra Office.

Switch Offices: (2)

The player can use this marker to switch the position of 2 adjacent offices within the same city. In so doing, he can ignore the colors of the two city spaces and does not need to worry about merchant or trader restrictions.

+3/4 Actions: (2/2)

The player can take 3 or 4 extra actions, regardless of how many he is normally permitted to have by his player board.

+1 Ability: (3)

The player can improve any one ability on his player board by removing the leftmost resource and placing that piece in his personal supply. Such ability can be used immediately if applicable.

Remove 3 Resources: (2)

The player may remove up to 3 traders and/or merchants from fields on trading routes (not from cities). These 3 pieces may come from the same or different routes and from the same or different players.

The removed pieces go into the respective players' personal supplies (not stock).

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