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  • 2 game consoles
  • 84 game pegs
  • 144 letter tiles
  • instructions.

Object of the Game

To identify the word created by the opposing player.


  1. The two players should sit opposite each other, each with an open console in front of them, with the front facing his opponent and the slider moved to the blank position (far right hand side).

  2. Separate the letter tiles and pegs from their frames. Each player takes their colored letters and 42 pegs and places them into each compartment as shown on the package.

  3. Decide how many rounds you will play and place your round marker at zero. The youngest player starts.

Game Play

At the start of each round, each player must think of a word of up to eight letters. He then spells this word out with his letter tiles on the lower rack of his console. These tiles should then be transferred to the upper rack, but in reverse order and with the letters facing himself.

On his turn, a player calls out a letter which he thinks might be in the word set by his opponent.

If the letter called out is in the word, his opponent must turn around all the tiles in his word showing this letter. These letters would then face the guessing player so that the word begins to be revealed to him.

If the letter called out is not in the word, his opponent moves his slider one position to the left revealing the next Hangman picture.

Each time a player calls out a letter, he should place a peg into his own console as a record of which letters he has called. Play then passes to the opposite player.

If a player thinks he knows what his opponent's word is, he may, on his next turn, choose to guess the word instead of guessing a letter.

However, if the guess is incorrect, his opponent moves his slider one position to reveal the next Word Hangman picture.

Winning a Round

A player wins a round by either:

  • Guessing his opponent's word before his own word is guessed or;
  • "Hanging" his opponent.

If a player is found to have spelled his word incorrectly, he automatically loses that round to his opponent.

Each round won by a player should be recorded on the scoring marker on his own console.

End of the Game

The first player to win the agreed number of rounds is the winner.

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