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  • Hangman Game Board
  • white board marker
  • Paper and pencils
  • Score sheets
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

One player thinks of a word and the other tries to guess it by guessing letters.

Each incorrect guess brings you closer to being "hanged". This game helps to sharpen children's spelling and word-decoding skills.

Legal Words

Only words found in a standard dictionary may be used. Proper nouns, people's names, abbreviations, slang and foreign words are not allowed.

Contractions and hyphenated words are not allowed. Spell your word correctly! You will lose the game if you misspell your word!

Game Play

The younger player goes first. On your turn: Guess a letter by calling it out to your opponent. Any letter may be selected.

  • If the letter you call is contained in your opponent's word, your opponent turns the letter on top of his or her tray around so that you can read it. Your turn is over.

    Note: If the word contains more than one of the called-out letters, your opponent must turn around all of those particular letters.

  • If the letter you call is not contained in your opponent's word, your turn is over.

    Your opponent turns the dial one space in the direction of the arrows on the dial, to reveal a more complete hangman in his or her display window.

Guessing a Word

You may, on your turn, try to guess an opponent's word in addition to guessing a letter. Here's how: After guessing a correct letter, announce that you are making a guess and call out the word.

If you guess correctly, you win the game. If you guess incorrectly, your opponent turns the dial one space and reveals a more complete hangman.

Alternate turns and continue playing until one player's word is completely spelled out or guessed, or the hangman in either display window is complete.

End of the Game

If the drawing of the person is completed before the word or words are guessed, the guessing player loses. If the player figures out the word or words first, he or she wins.

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