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  • 70 cards

Object of the Game

Be the player with the most Free and/or Protected Gubs in play when the final letter of the word G-U-B has been drawn from the deck.


  1. Look through the deck and remove one Gub card for each player (not Esteemed Elder).

    Each player starts the game with a Gub in play on their side, that is to say, face up in front of them.

  2. Remove the three Letter cards (G, U, B) from the deck.

    Shuffle the deck thoroughly and then insert the Letter cards back into the deck, one towards the top, one in the middle, and one near the bottom.

    Continue to shuffle until the deck is well mixed.

  3. Deal each player three cards. If any are Event cards, (marked with a ) place them randomly back into the deck and deal replacements. Hold cards in your hand, secret from opponents.

  4. Place the deck face down in the middle of the playing area. There will be a discard pile next to the deck.

Game Play

Whoever suggested the game selects the starting player, and play proceeds clockwise. On your turn, proceed through the following steps:

  1. Draw: Draw one card. You may choose not to draw (which at times may be strategically wise) but can not skip two turns in a row. You cannot draw after playing cards.

  2. Play: Play cards from your hand, as many or few as you like. You don't have to play as cards. Sometimes you can't.

    Read the text on the individual cards to learn what they do. Consult the Card Guide on the back for more detailed explanations.

  3. Discard: You cannot end your turn with more than eight cards in your hand. If you have more, discard until you have eight. (Note: You may not randomly discard cards if you have fewer than eight).

  4. After you have played or simply drawn a card and passed your turn, tell the next player it's their turn by saying, "Go".

End of the Game

The game ends immediately when the third Letter card is drawn. The winner is the player with the highest total of Free and Protected Gubs in play.

Trapped Gubs and Gubs in your hand do not count for points. In case of a tie, whichever tied player has the Esteemed Elder in play wins. If no one has the Esteemed Elder, whoever holds the fewest cards in hand wins.

Example of a game in play

Deck and discard pile, placed between all players.

Two letter cards are out, which means the game is almost over.

Notice above that there are five main types of cards:

1 GUBS enter play face up in front of their owners.

2 BARRICADES go on top of Gubs to make them "Protected".

3 TRAPS are placed over Gubs in play and remain there until they are destroyed. Any "Trapped" Gubs at the end of the game do not count for points.

4 TOOLS help your colony while 5 HAZARDS are used to attack or steal from opponents.

Both are discarded upon use.

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