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Q: How many cards can I play during my turn?

A: As many as you are capable of playing from your hand.

Q: Do I have to play a Gub when I draw one?

A: No, the only cards that must be played immediately when they are drawn are Event cards. Keeping Gubs in your hand can be a valuable strategy, but don't forget that your hand is not safe! Certain cards can cause you to lose it.

Q: How do I play the Cricket Song?

A: This card can be confusing to new players who are not yet familiar with all the different types of cards in the deck. Basically, this is a Wild card that can be used as any Hazard, Tool, or In- terrupt card that is discarded immediately. It cannot be an Event, Gub, Barricade, or Trap card.

Q: Can I continue to play cards on my turn after drawing an Event card?

A: Yes. The only obvious exception is if the game is ended.

Q: Can the Esteemed Elder hide under a Barricade? Can he be retrieved from the discard pile with the Age-Old Cure?

A: No. When in play, the Elder is immune to all cards in the deck, except for Lightning (or the Cricket Song played as Lightning). Therefore, he cannot be protected by a Bar- ricade, nor can he be retrieved from the discard pile with the Age Old Cure.

Q: If I use a Spear to destroy a Sud Spout on an opponent's side, does that Gub come to my side?

A: No, the Gub stays wherever it currently sits, but it is now considered Free. Only Rings release their freed Gubs onto the side of the player who freed them.

Q: Can the Flop Boat be played to put a Letter card back into the deck, even if it is the final Letter card (which ends the game)?

A: Yes, because the Flop Boat is an Interrupt which can be played the moment an Event card is drawn but before that Event takes effect. This is a powerful card.

Q: What happens when a Gub is stolen out from under a Sud Spout using the Smahl Thief?

A: The Sud Spout is discarded.

Q: How do I save my hand from being shuffled back into the deck when the Gargok Plague is drawn?

A: If you have an Age-Old Cure card, discard this card and keep your hand.

Q: What is the use of the Retreat card?

A: Essentially, it allows you to reorganize and reinforce your colony by taking all cards in play on your side (even those played by your opponents) back into your hand and replaying them for your benefit. Just remember the eight card limit at the end of your turn.

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