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Werewolves are among us... and humans who get bitten three times turn into wolves themselves!

Humans try to give wounds to the wolves and avoid getting bitten. Humans win if at least one human survives after three nights. Werewolves try to bite the humans. Werewolves win if all humans are turned into wolves (or dead) after three nights.


  • 48 game cards
  • 7 Objective cards
  • 4 Night cards
  • 2 Final Night cards
  • Setup card
  • Fur bag
  • Instructions


  1. Set Aside Night Cards

    Without looking at them, shuffle the Night cards and Final Night cards separately. Set aside two Night cards and one Final Night card face- down. (You'll add them to the deck later). Return the other Night and Final Night cards to the game box.

  2. Remove Extra Cards

    If playing with 4-8 players, you won't need all of the cards. Remove cards as indicated and place them in the game box.

    • -8 players - Remove all cards marked 9+

    • 4-5 players-Remove all cards marked 6+ and 9+.

    Also remove all expansion cards for your first few games.

  3. Infect Wolf Zero

    Shuffle together Bite and Gold cards based on the number of players. Deal one of these starter cards to each player.

    Players look at their cards. Anyone with a bite is a Wolf Zero, and will play the entire game as a werewolf. Other players are humans... for now!

  4. Deal Starting Hands

    Shuffle the rest of the deck and deal 3 more cards to each player.

    Any player dealt 3 Wounds immediately shuffles those wound cards back into the deck and draws 3 new cards.

    Any human dealt 3 Bites secretly joins the wolf team.

    Then players form their starting hands by combining their 3 cards with the Bite or Gold card they received earlier.

  5. Prepare The Night Cards

    Place the deck of cards face-down on the table. Stick the two Night cards you set aside earlier into the deck, about 1/3 of the way and 2/3 of the way down:

    Place the Final Night card on top of the deck, and then flip the deck over so it's face-up. The top card should now be visible, and the bottom card should be the Final Night card.

  6. The Sniff

    If playing with 8 or more players, everyone closes their eyes after looking at their starting hands. All of the wolves open their eyes to look at each other, then close them again. Then all players open their eyes and play begins.

  7. Choose Start Player

    Deal a home tile to each player, making sure to include the one with the start player symbol on it .

    For the first game, the player with that home tile is the start player. For later games, the player with the most gold tokens is the start player.

    (If there's a tie, choose randomly between the tied players).

    The home tiles are important because they identify who is still alive, and also provide a location to place face-down cards that get passed during Night Phase.

Game Play

Beginning with the start player, players take turns one at a time going clockwise until the third Night Phase (the Final Night) is fully resolved. To start your turn, pick up the whole (face-up) deck and read the top card aloud.

If it's a Night card - Follow the instructions (the card effects) on the card. Then set it aside and proceed to Night Phase.

If it's not a Night card - Give it to another living player. They add it to their hand. (There's no hand limit). That player checks their hand to see if they have died and/or secretly become a wolf.

You can't keep the card for yourself!

To end your turn, pass the whole deck to the next living player.

Night Phase

When a Night or Final Night card is revealed, players may not speak except to resolve the Night's card effects. Then, living players choose one card to pass to the player on their left and one card to pass to the player on their right.

Players are NOT allowed to randomize which cards they choose to pass to each side. Place each card face-down on top of your (closest living) neighbors' home tiles. (Skip over any dead players when passing cards during Night Phase).

If a player dies during a Night's card effect, or if they are unable to pass the two cards, they die prior to Night falling and do not pass cards.

Important: If you' re a human player, you can't pass Bite cards during Night Phase.

Only werewolves can "bite" during Night Phase.

After players pass cards, each player shuffles the cards they received and adds them to their hand. Each player checks to see if they have died and/or secretly become a wolf. Then player turn continue as usual.

Becoming a Werewolf

Throughout the game, players will receive cards with bite icons and charm icons on them.

Any time a human player has three (or more) total bite icons (after subtracting charm icons ), that player immediately and secretly turns into a werewolf and joins the wolf team.

Important: Once a player is a wolf, they never go back to being a human.


Throughout the game, players will receive cards with wound icons and salve icons on them. Any time a player (either a werewolf or a human) has three (or more) total wound icons (after subtracting salve icons ), they immediately die.

(If a human becomes a werewolf at the same moment that they die, they die as a werewolf). When announcing your death, don't reveal which team you're on Flip over your home tile to the red 'I Died' side, and place your cards face-down. Don't give away any secrets!

Dead players can't be targeted by card effects, take turns, or pass cards at Night, but still win if their team wins!

End of the Game

The game ends immediately after the third Night Phase is finished.

Don't forget to still pass cards after resolving the card effects of the Final Night!

The game also immediately ends if there are only two (or fewer) players left alive.

The Growl

All Wolf Zeroes begin to growl out loud and shake their arms. Then other wolves join in. Finally, any humans who are still alive should stand up and cheer.

If a human player is still alive, the human team wins. But if all the living players are growling (and therefore werewolves), then the wolf team wins!


Players on the winning team (even dead ones) take one gold token, plus an additional gold token for each gold icon on the cards in their hand.

Keep track of gold tokens if you play multiple games in a row. At the end of your game night, the player with the most tokens is crowned Wolf King or Wolf Queen!

Human Tip: If you receive a Bite card at Night, that means at least one of your neighbors must be a wolf! Try to kill them with wounds.

Werewolf Tip: You need to be ruthless in this game, even if it means drawing suspicion! Bite your neighbors even on the first night, and use your day actions to hurt the humans too.

Card Reference

Bite - Adds a bite icon , which can turn a human into a wolf. Bites do NOT inflict wounds. (Humans can't pass bites during Night Phase).

Charm - Adds a charm icon , which negates one bite icon.

Wound - Adds a wound icon , which can kill you.

Salve - Adds a salve icon , which negates one wound icon.

Gold - Adds a gold icon , which earns you gold tokens if your team wins the game.

When an icon negates something, it is only the icon (not the entire card) that is negated. Other card icons and effects are still active.

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