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Q: Is there a hand limit?

A: No, there is no hand limit.

Q: Can I play cards from my Refresh area?

A: No, you can only play cards from your hand. Cards in your Refresh Area are returned to your hand at the end of the turn.

Q: Are cards in my Refresh area in my Hideout?

A: No, the Hideout is just the 3 Night spaces. Cards in your Refresh Area are no longer in your Hideout.

Q: What happens when I draw a card from the Specialist Deck but none are left?

A: If there are cards in the Discard Pile, shuffle those cards to reform the Specialist Deck. If there are no cards in the Discard Pile, the game ends immediately.

Q: What happens if I attempt to steal from an opponent's Stash, but that opponent doesn't have enough ISK?

A: You take only the ISK available.

Q: What is a Team?

A: A Team is a group of 2 or more cards in a single Night space in a player's Hideout.

Q: How does the Femme Fatale work?

A: When you play the Femme Fatale, you place it on Night One of the Hideout, and you may play another card from hand to perform a second caper that turn.

If you choose to do so, perform the Advance Time (phase 1 of your normal action) again before playing that card into Night One.

The Femme Fatale card will be the Night Two space of your Hideout, the card(s) that started the turn in Night One will have advanced to Night Three. All cards that started in Night Two and Night Three will be in your Refresh Area and returned to hand at the end of the turn.

Q: How does the Thug work?

A: When the Thug Performs a Caper, play another card with it. Steal 1M ISK from each of your opponents for every card in their Hideout that is both 1) the same Skill as the card that you played with the Thug and 2) not in a Team.

Q: How does the Inside Man work?

A: The Inside Man's action allows you to exchange (Abduct) the Inside Man card with any opponent's card in their Hideout, and then take the action of the exchanged card.

The Inside Man is a special card in several other ways. This card cannot be duplicated by any other card.

The Inside Man can be used as any Skill, but only one Skill when played in a Team or when paired with the Thug. If targeted by a Thug, the Inside Man counts as any Skill.

Q: How does the Snitch work?

A: The Snitch allows you to move cards in any one player's Hideout, including your own. When moving cards, you switch all cards from one Night location to another, keeping all cards in a Team together.

Q: What happens if a Ringleader is randomly Abducted?

A: If a player randomly chooses a Ringleader to Abduct, return the Ringleader, no card is Abducted as a result of this action.

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