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Hyper-pad Tips

Hyper-pads do not count as part of your 'move.' If you land on one, the next jump is free!

When you land on a hyper-pad, you must 'beam-out' to any other un-occupied hyper-pad. Pawns are not restricted by direction.

If you land on a hyper-pad when all other hyper-pads are blocked with markers ('fully-corked') then you stay on that hyper-pad with no 'beam-out.'

After you arrive at your destination hyper-pad, you will need to leave that hyper-pad and re-enter (or land on another hyper-pad) to 'beam-out' again.

Since kings have two moves, they can use move #1 to exit and then move #2 to re-enter and 'beam out.'

King Jumping

With a king's ability to move in any direction, you may have more jumps than you think.

Although rare, a king may be able to capture three - or even four - opponents in one single move. Impressive!

By using a hyper-pad on their first move, a king can still take a second move after they arrive at the destination hyper-pad.

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