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Champions are mighty individuals who seek out the essence of the gods in order to fulfill their destiny and ascend. Champions are always large miniatures.


Banners resemble a flag or icon and allow champions to stake claim to an area, driving their standard into the ground for all to see.


Followers aid champions in their quest for ascension, and can be anything from mercenary henchmen to devoted acolytes, or even conjured spirits bound to the will of a champion.

Followers are usually 3 - 6 small miniatures formed into a unit, but a few champions have 1 - 2 large followers instead.

Objective Hexes

Objective hexes are placed on the battlefield to represent an area rich in energy from a godtear hidden beneath the ground.

Battlefield and Battle Ladder

The battlefield is a hex grid that makes up most of the Godtear game board. The battle ladder is a score track to the side of the battlefield.

Battle Ladder Tokens

There are 2 token types that are placed on the battle ladder. Each player's warband token is placed on the battle ladder before the game begins. A turn token moves up and down the steps of the ladder each turn to determine who wins the turn.


All die rolls in a game of Godtear use these custom dice.

Cards and Dashboards

There are 3 card types in Godtear. These cards are placed on dashboards to keep the play area nice and tidy.

Dashboard Tokens

There are 2 token types that are placed on dashboards. Wound tokens show how many wounds a model has taken. Status tokens are double sided tokens that show the boons and blights a model has cast upon them.

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