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This version has the exact same rules as the basic version EXCEPT you add in Action Cards, Goat Gold, Luck Pile, and more strategy!

Gaining and Using Action Cards

Goat Gold (Flip)

To gain an action card, you need to gain two goat gold or FLIP your goat gold card twice. To flip your goat gold, you must add a goat pair or pile to your herd.

When you are at ONE Goat Gold, and you win again, you automatically pick up an action card and then flip your goat gold back to zero.

Whether it is, birthing, dueling, or action card playing, if you get a win for your goatherd, then you flip the goat gold.

Using Action Cards

Once you draw an action card, you can examine it and then place it face down in front of you.

  1. You may not play the action until your next turn.

  2. Once you use the action you place it in the action discard pile.

  3. You may not have more than 3 actions in your hand at once. If you gain a 4th, you may decide which action card you would like to discard so that you remain at 3.

  4. If the action card pile is exhausted before the Draw Pile is exhausted, then shuffle the discarded action cards and re- use them starting a new action discard pile.

Luck Pile

Many times, the action card may instruct you to use the "LUCK PILE", which is a deck of 6 cards numbered 1 through 6. These provide a twist to the game for action cards played.

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