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Setup - The Advanced Game

Add the "DRAW 2 + SHUFFLE" card, the "DRAW 3 + SHUFFLE" card, and the blue and green "DOORS LOCKED" cards to the draw pile. You use all of the cards in the Advanced Game.

Place all of the Treasure Jewels with their numbers face down and mix them, then place them into rooms without looking at the number on the reverse side.

Game Play - The Advanced Game

Draw + Shuffle Cards

The game proceeds as described in the BASIC GAME section, with the same goals in mind.

However, if you draw a "DRAW 2 + SHUFFLE" or a "DRAW 3 + SHUFFLE ", you must draw the additional number of cards indicated and place any Ghost Figures on the board, then shuffle the discard pile with the remaining draw pile.

Note: if, when drawing the 2 or 3 additional cards, you happen to get another shuffle, draw 2 or draw 3 card, you may ignore it and move to the next card.

Door Locked Cards

If you draw blue or green "DOORS LOCKED" card, the doors of the corresponding colors are now locked. Players may not move through a locked door. Only 1 color of doors may be locked at a time.

Place the DOOR LOCKED card to the side of the discard pile to remind you what color is locked. A door can only be unlocked if the other color of doors becomes locked OR a SHUFFLE card comes up

Door Colors

Blue "Door Locked" Card

Green "Door Locked" Card

Picking Up Treasure Jewels

Each Treasure Jewel has a number on its reverse side. In the Advanced Game, Treasure Jewels must be retrieved in numerical order.

When you enter a room with a Treasure Jewel, you may flip it over to reveal its number. You may pick up Treasure Jewels in any order, but you may only remove one from the house if it is the next in numerical order, starting with 1.

End Of The Game - The Advanced Game

Once all Treasure Hunter Movers are outside of the house with all 8 Treasure Jewels, the players win

Losing The Advanced Game

If all 6 Haunting Markers are on the board before the players can escape with all the Treasure Jewels , the players lose!

Also, if each Treasure Hunters is in a different room and a) the room contains a Haunter Marker and b) each Treasure Hunter is holding a Treasure Jewel, they are all unable to move and the game is over.

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