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  • 87 Cards
  • Instructions


Place the three instruction cards in the center of the table, face up, with a distance of about 20 cm to each-other. Place one playing card right next to each of the instruction cards, face up - these are the three center piles. Each instruction card indicates what you have to play next on this pile:

  • On top of pile A you have to play a card with the same color or the same shape.

  • On top of pile B you have to play a number in ascending or descending order (+1 or -1).

  • On top of pile C you have to play a card which is completely different: color and shape different, the number not the same and not one higher or lower.

Pile A

The next card on pile A has to be a blue card or a card with a crown.

Pile B

The next card on pile B has to be a card with a 4 or a 6.

Pile C

The next card on pile C may not be purple and not be a sun. It may also not be a 4, a 3 or a 5 (for example a pink rabbit with a 1 or 2 or a green hand with a 6 is OK).

Game Play

Shuffle the remaining 69 playing cards thoroughly and deal them equally to the players (when playing with 2 or 4 players there is one card left, which goes back into the box).

Each player places his/her cards, face down, in front of him/her as a draw pile. One player gives a start signal and the game immediately begins.

Without taking turns, players race to play cards from their hand, face up, on either of the three center piles, according to the rules described above. Play, draw, play, draw, etc.


You can play one card and draw one card. But you can also play two or three cards (one after the other!) and then draw two or three cards.

You can have no more than three cards in your hand at a time! Of course it is allowed to jump from one center pile to the other and to play a card here and there.

It goes without saying that players should try to play their cards honestly - Fusion is a game and not a cheating competition. If a mistake happens unintentionally, just keep going. Very rarely, you may find that neither of the players can play a card correctly.

If this happens, the game is interrupted. Now everyone is allowed to play any one card to any of the piles (it does not need to be correct). After this the game immediately }goes on as normal.

End of the Game

The first player completely out of cards wins.

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